It’s called Bible conversion therapy. The reasoning behind Bible conversion is to implement scripture to help people repent and to turn away from homosexuality. With the highly publicize Caitlyn Jenner changing her identity and Kim Davis, who was jailed for not issuing a same-sex marriage license—the subject remains very touchy for the church. People are divided. Some believe it forces people to choose religion, or else, they are doomed to hell. for other's the process confuses gays even more.

Supporters of the therapy believe it leads people to follow Christ. President of the Southern Seminary Albert Mohler Jr. said marriage is the “union of a man and a woman.” He said no one has the right to change gender, Christianity Today reported in Oct. 2015.

“We are not calling the LGBT community to be converted to heterosexuality. Rather, we are calling everyone, regardless of sexual or gender identity, to be converted to new life in Christ — a new life that begins in conversion and leads to a life of wholeness and holiness as defined by the Bible in obedience to Christ.”

Mohler and his seminary do not support reparative therapy, however.

Religious or any conversion therapy is damaging according to The American Psychological Association. Churches using this practice can damage by “characterizing homosexuality as sinful or evil, promotion in schools of such ministries or of therapies associated with such ministries would likely exacerbate the risk of marginalization, harassment, harm and fear experienced by lesbian, gay and bisexual students.”

Some people using reparative therapy experienced feeling depressed, isolated, ostracized, and feeling dehumanized, the National Center for Lesbian Rights cited.

Former Mars Hill Bible Church pastor Rob Bell made headlines for his support of same-sex marriage.

He said he’s for fidelity and for love. “I think this is the world we are living in and we need to affirm people wherever they are.” Bell is not alone. Alan Chambers is another believer who was head of the largest ex-gay groups. Chambers said during an interview with RNS that gay marriage can be holy. 

At Exodus International he used to support conversation therapy, and now believes it can do irreparable damage. “I do believe that same-sex relationship can be holy. As a Christian, I think marriage is best. That is why I’m supportive of the Supreme Court decision for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. I think same-sex marriages can reflect, and often do, God’s image. Many people in the church either do not know of Christ-centered same-sex relationships or refuse to see them.”

How about loving people the way Christ loves? Are we missing it as a body? Share your thoughts or suggestions.

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