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When most people think of spiritual practices they think of going to church, spending hours in prayer, or reading a devotional. However spiritual practices do not always have to be tied to a certain religion, or be huge ordeals. There are many things you do daily already that are great opportunities for spiritual growth. They also can be great for your emotional and physical health too. Here are some spiritual practices you already love, but might not even recognize you are doing.

Acts of Compassion

If you have ever experienced a random act of kindness when you needed it the most, you understand how humbling to feels to get that love and compassion. Spiritual practices are not just about looking inward. They also encompass outward acts like giving. When we are kind, no matter how small the gesture may be, we experience our souls being uplifted. We might start to feel that our actions make a difference in a world where things seem bleak. By performing acts of kindness, we also influence others to be more kind. This can produce endless chains of people being better towards one another. It’s am impactful thing to be a part of.

Silence and Meditation

It is easy to have our minds filled with to-do lists and stressors day in and day out, which is why so many people today gravitate towards finding pockets of silence. It may be the moment you sit in your car alone before driving home from work, or the three minutes you get in the bathroom without kids banging on the door. These moments of silent reflection give us a space to breath, relax, and unwind. It helps our brains become clearer and open to inspiration, guidance, and inner-connection. Set specific times throughout the day where you can be silent and meditate. Focus on the movement of your chest as you breathe, feel the warmth run through your fingers, and let your mind wonder in the abyss.

News Breaks

A news fast is when you cut off all forms of social media, TV, and other news for a period of time. You might already do this every night an hour before you go to bed, or for a few days at a time during the month. Either way, it’s a great moment for you to turn off the negativity of the world and focus solely on yourself. Traditional news and social media do not feed people’s minds with nourishing thoughts and instead put more stress on our minds and bodies. Removing the news during stressful periods of time, such as an election year, will help you feel emotionally, physically, and spiritualty more stable. It also opens up more time for other spiritual practices.

Positive Affirmations and Daily Intentions

Affirmations are phrases that uplift and inspire, while daily intentions are goals you set for yourself. Many people like to pick one of each and repeat it to themselves in the morning before starting their day. An affirmation can be something simple like “I am strong” or “I am worthy”. Daily intentions can be “I will be successful today” or “I will not let the world get me down”. The important part of these phrases is feeling it in your bones when you say it out loud. Drop any doubt or concerns you have, and truly believe in the words you are saying. You will manifest good things and change your negative thought patterns.


There is something powerful about putting your thoughts down on paper. Writing about your dreams, fears, struggles, and goals is a great way to help you keep focus on what matters to you most, and navigate any issues you are facing to achieve your definition of success. Journaling is a way to process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a non-judgmental fashion. You likely will discover new ways of understanding things and have your perspective shifted. You can also discover patterns in your day to day behaviors that are not serving you.


Exercise is a great way to not only physically feel better, but to help mentally clear your mind too. It provides moments in your week where you can shake off the negativity of life and do something that makes you feel better. Dedicated practices, like yoga and t’ai chi, even incorporate meditation and silence to make for strong religious practices. Through exercise, you cultivate awareness about your body, mind, and soul. You can feel the energy being exerted while also feel the strength building inside of you. It also allows you to relinquish control, and instead listen to what your body needs in that moment.

Nature Walks

Spending time in nature is nothing short of magical. It brings most people an immediate sense of calm and connection with the natural world around them. Time may slow down, you might feel at peace, or be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. This helps you appreciate the little things more, and enhances your overall feelings of gratitude. Finding a place in nature that calls to you regularly is a great way to boost your spiritual wellness. Go on a walk a few times a week to the area you love and tap into how it makes you feel.

These spiritual practices are so common in our day to day lives that we often do not even realize the spiritual component they have attached to them. When you really focus on the activity, you facilitate a purposeful, conscious reconnection with yourself and the divine universe. Your spiritual health is essential to your overall well-being, so keep up with these regular activities.

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