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If you have friends who have children, they probably remember when they decided to start trying to expand their families. For some, it might have come when they saw their husband playing with the dog in the backyard, realizing that he needed children to play with along with the dog. For others, the lightbulb might have gone off after they saw a cute family with a baby walking through the mall.

God is life’s author, and His plan and timing for families are His alone. After deciding it was time to start trying, these friends likely did their part and prayed to bring new life into the world. After a few months, they announced that they had a baby on the way. The next couple of months barreled them into the great unknown of parenthood. Some parents write letters to their unborn babies, while some moms take pictures of their growing bellies, anxious about what’s about to come.

The journey toward parenthood is one of the most life-altering journeys that could happen. The power of the Holy Spirit is necessary to help guide you through any uncertainties, like infertility. If you’re expecting during a season of uncertainty, you’ll need God’s grace to comfort you when you face anxiety and fear. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll need God’s wisdom to ready your homes and hearts for parenthood. If you’re eager to start a family, here are some prayers to help you on the scary but exhilarating journey toward parenthood.

A prayer for couples who are waiting.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your Word that reminds us that You know our children before You create them in the womb. Your call to parenting is for such a time as this. Right now, we ask that You give us strength in this journey toward parenting to trust Your timing and know that Your ways are superior. You give life; we recognize You have a purpose and plan for our family. Lord, please help us to see You along every step of the way. Give us reminders to lean on You when we feel uncertain, hurt, discouraged, or grieved. Please let us find peace because You’re the creator of families. You’ll give us a remarkable story in Your time. Please help us be encouraged and strengthened as we wait. In Jesus’ name, amen.

A prayer for encouragement when feeling unsure about parenthood.

Heavenly Father, we’re so grateful that You say children are a gift. You see every little one. They are a prize, our legacy, and we get the honor of sowing into the generations to come behind our children. As parents, we face fear and joy, so please remind us that You are with us. We can’t make this parenting journey alone. Like sheep of the flock, we need You to shepherd the life that You entrust us with. Please give us the knowledge so we can see the best way to prepare our lives for this child. Give us everything we need to welcome this new life season. Also, remind us that every parental sacrifice is worth it because these children are a precious gift from You. Place our focus on this extraordinary gift and quiet the doubt and fear that hopes to steal our joy this season. Amen.

A prayer for your child to know God.

Dear Lord, please let our children know You from the moment they come into the world. Let them develop into people who know and love You with all their minds, souls, hearts, and strength. Please be their God. When we fail as parents, please tend to them and protect them from the devil. Let them develop perfectly as they grow in the womb, and give them a future filled with hope and possibilities. Please teach them Your path, show them Your ways, and give them Your heart. Ultimately, our children are Yours, so help us be parents who signify the fruits of the Spirit in every season. Please provide us with insight so we can help them see You and Your beauty in this world. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.

A prayer for your union.

God, I thank You for this person that You have given my soul to love. As we move forward and follow Your command to be fruitful and multiply, please honor our yearning to expand our family. Please remove any unanticipated obstacles to conceiving or developing our family through adoption. Be with us as we walk this new path, give us strength when we’re weak and help us stay united. Please give us ears to hear each other as we share our fears, exhaustion, joy, delight, and anything else. Please give us the vision to see each other as our lives become fuller. Lord, help us hold on to each other as we grow, learn, and seek Your will for our family. Amen.

A prayer for tranquility.

Dear God, parenting and the journey towards it bring many reasons to fear. However, You say that children are a gift from You. We know this trek can be filled with unknowns and scary. We ask that You give us minds that focus on You as we start this new adventure. Fill our bodies, minds, and souls with Your peace and be our unwavering rock. Please help us remember that no matter what the future holds, You are with us, and we’re never alone. Make a path for us and allow our family to thrive and grow. We love you, God. Amen.

Every family is different. They each have their stories to tell. Even if your family develops in a way or time you didn’t expect, trust that God desires to do more than what we could imagine or ask for on our behalf. He loves you and your family, which is a solid truth you can hold onto no matter what happens on your parenting journey. Outside of asking God for guidance, it may also be a good idea to ask your friends who have children about their parenting journey. Although every journey is different, at least you’ll know what’s ahead.

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