Your thoughts will shape your situation. They will direct your actions, determine the opportunities that come your way, and affect the outcome of the things you attempt. If you want to change your standing, you must change your thoughts. You must know the secrets of work—of magnetically imparting energy into action by focusing on purpose and forsaking distractions.

Do you know people who are negative thinkers and who lead unfulfilled lives of material want? Do you know people who expect disaster and are then stricken by disaster? There’s a common phrase in English: “self-fulfilling prophecy.” That is much truer than almost anyone realizes.

The Law of Prosperity

You need to start getting rid of your poverty consciousness if you’re going to attract the wealth that God has ordained for you. God has His life through you, so if you don’t allow yourself to be prosperous, you constrict the life of God. That is an offense to God. God wants you to declare that you deserve everything; it is not His will for you to live in want. To be content with less is sinful—it stunts the potential God has placed in you. It limits God!

But prosperity means more than simply having material wealth. What good would it be to have millions of dollars and be bedridden? Or to have your days crippled by worry? Prosperity also means health and peace of mind. It means that you are whole. It is God’s will for you to walk in wholeness. You need to reach out for more than just money, but wholeness! When you live as a whole person, balancing the three properties that God desires for you, then you are carrying out His intention to its fullest. That is the Law of Prosperity:


We live for three motives at the same time: the body, the soul and the mind. All three must be served. None is better, holier or more desirable than the others, and none can fully live or serve God without the others. You can have a soaring soul and visions of greatness, but if you do not take care of your health, your body will not allow you to do everything you need to make your vision manifest.

And if your body is sound but your mind is slack and slow because you have not educated yourself, you will lack the knowledge to do all you can to fulfill God’s intention. All three aspects of the self must live fully if you are to express yourself and God fully.

No one believes that God is poor. God has all the riches of the Universe at His fingertips. When you live according to His system and pursue riches, a healthy body and the peace of mind that comes with serving your passion and caring for your fellow man, you become truly divine.

Doubt is the opposite of faith. Doubt can’t see a door even when there is one. Doubt is a pessimist. Are people in your life feeding your faith or your doubt? Faith moves mountains, while doubt piles fears on top of one another. You must feed your faith and starve your fears. Faith opens the door of ability and develops superiority. You start to transcend your own limitations. When you take a risk without fear and realize two things—that God does indeed provide for your safe landing and that you have the innate ability to persevere through uncertainty—what will you do? You will take more, greater risks and do greater things!

The Rich “Think Differently”

I laugh when I hear people say that the rich are no different from anyone else. You ever notice that it’s poor people who say that? Let me tell you the hard truth:


The rich are different. That’s how they became rich! They don’t acknowledge limitations. The rich live in uncertainty and take risks, because they have faith in their ability to overcome uncertainty. They act on faith, not fear. Fear does not stop them. The rich don’t want; they know they are the key to unlock what they want. How would Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey have been able to build their empires if, every time someone told them, “You can’t do that, it’s a crazy idea,” they had said, “Maybe he’s right. Maybe I can’t do that”? Instead, they act without fear, because they have internalized the idea that if they jump and take the risk, good things will happen.

People who are successful know, with the same certainty that you know the sun will rise in the morning, that if they make the leap of faith, no matter what happens they will somehow land okay and make the best of whatever occurs. And let me tell you, God shows great favor to those who do that!

We must expect greatness from ourselves. You cannot succeed with an attitude of weakness, doubt and fear. Conquer with your eye first, then conquer with your hand. Faith annihilates obstacles and moves mountains. Abraham, Joshua, Moses and others were able to perform miracles through faith. Without it you can do nothing. A strong man loses power when he loses confidence in his ability to act in faith. You must train yourself to have no doubt in your ability to create the best outcomes— you must always act like a winner and emit winning ideas!

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