Iyanla Vanzant
Sounds True
The Inner Vision Series: "Giving Thanks"
ListenGiving Thanks to People & Experiences in Your Life
"One good thing to remember is that giving thanks, expressing gratitude, generates growth. And one way to ensure that your growth is easy, effortless, touched by grace, is to be grateful for the difficult circumstances and situations in your life."
(Copyright 2005. Sounds True. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Sounds True.)

Pastor Rob Bell
Mars Hill Bible Church
Grandville, MI
ListenSheep and Goats and You and Me
"When you're harvesting, don't go all the way to the edge...leave a little bit for those who don't have enough...God's blessing on me is intimately connected with how I deal with those in my midst who have needs."
(Copyright 2005. Featured by permission. Audio courtesy Mars Hill Bible Church.)

Rabbi David Wolpe
Sinai Temple
Los Angeles
ListenThe Centrality of Gratitude
"When the Messiah comes, you won't need sacrifices anymore. The sacrifices for sin will be gone; the sacrifices for holiday will be gone. Only one kind of sacrifice will remain--and that's a 'thanks'. After all, in the Messianic age, the one thing that will not disappear is gratitude."
(Copyright 2003. David Wolpe. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Sinai Temple.)

Reverend Tim Keller
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
New York City
ListenRadical Generosity
"What the church can do is not simply feed people but it can lead them to praise God. And the fact is unless you've got something to praise, you've got no meaning in your life."
(Copyright 1991. Timothy Keller. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Redeemer Presbyterian Church.)

Pastor Andrew Webb
Providence PCA Church
Fayetteville, NC
ListenCreated to Give Thanks to God
"Paul tells us that one of the chief ways that we glorify God and that we enjoy him forever and that we're truly thankful for these things is when his grace, his love abounds through us to his people. And that's the way it should be."
Copyright 2005. Andrew Webb. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Providence PCA Church.)

Pastor Steve Hereford
Changed By Grace Community Church
Jacksonville, FL
ListenHow to Be Thankful
"Do you speak to one another in songs and hymns and spiritual psalms? Do you have a praise-filled heart?...I can give thanks when I have yielded to the Spirit."
(Copyright 2002. Steven R. Hereford. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Changed By Grace Community Church.)

Pastor Dean Angell
Lakeview Church
Saskatoon, Canada
Listen Thanksgiving
"I think that sometimes, people don't celebrate their blessings nearly enough. And maybe especially church people don't celebrate and enjoy their blessings enough...God has never backed away from a celebration."
(Copyright 2005. Dean Angell. Used by permission. Audio courtesy Lakeview Church.)

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