Selected comments from the Reverend Billy Graham's June 21 press conference in New York City. Free RealPlayer required to listen.

Billy Graham speaks at NYC press conference
"My Favorite Prayer"

Deborah Caldwell, Beliefnet: I wonder if you could tell us what your favorite prayer is and even recite it for us.

Billy Graham: My favorite prayer? I don't have a favorite prayer but the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father which is in heaven," and so forth. I'm delighted to have the privilege of praying night and day. It's hardly a moment goes by that I don't pray. And I say, "Lord, help me,"--that's my favorite prayer.

The New York Crusade: One Message

Billy Graham: I hope that people of every, every ethnic background will be coming. Because I'm not going to dwell on the problems that face us today in my own mind and heart. I'm going to talk about the gospel of Christ, and I am going to refuse to answer questions on subjects maybe twenty years ago I would have answered. Because I think that at my age, that I have one message. And that is that Jesus Christ came, he died on a cross, he rose again. And he asks us to repent of our sins and receive him by faith as Lord and Savior. And if we do, we have forgiveness of all of our sins.

"Do I Fear Death?"

Billy Graham: I've been asked so many times, lately, do I fear death. No, I look forward to death with great anticipation. I am looking forward to seeing God face to face. And that can happen any day.

"The Greatest Problem We Have"

Joe Torres, WABC-TV, NY: You talked about the Gospel message and how the problems of the world have changed but the Gospel remains the same. What societal changes exist in the world, in New York, today that perhaps present particular challenges in reaching people with the Gospel message?

Billy Graham: Well, the greatest problem that we have is poverty. And I am glad to see that the president and some other world leaders are giving 40 billion dollars into Africa. I've been preaching in Africa, and Asia. My son Franklin just got back from a crusade in Angola last week. And we have a lot of work going on in Africa. And we love the Africans, we love the Asians, and the Latinos, and all of those people. And I think that here in New York not only is there a mixture of ethnic backgrounds, but there is a mixture of the problems of the world. Right here is a hundred and some languages spoken within walking distance of Corona Park. I know that the problems of the world are there. And I believe that the Gospel of Christ is the answer. Not part of the answer, but the whole answer. We don't have any possibility of solving our problems today, except through Jesus.

"I Love New York"

Billy Graham: I've loved New York for years. And when I see signs in other countries "I love 'heart' NY," I pray for New York. I've prayed for New York even since I've been, say, in my twenties. And I'm praying for it now. And I hope that I'll be faithful to the Gospel, and pray that I will be.

The Last Crusade?

Laura Trevelyan, BBC: Do you think this is your last crusade, or will you be able to accept the invitation to go to London?

Billy Graham: Yes, this will be the last in America, I am sure. But we do have an invitation to go to London.
And we're praying about that and thinking about that, and if my colleagues feel they can go with me and have the strength to. We're getting up in years. We'll have to wait and see.

"There Will Be No Tears"

Billy Graham [to reporters and cameramen]: I'm glad that at the end of it all, the Bible says that Jesus is coming back to this earth, and some day He is going to reign. And there will be no tears, no suffering, no death, a wonderful future. And I hope I'll meet all of you there, and bring your camera. Because I may have one too. And I'll see you as a great heavenly being.
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