Converting to Islam
How to:
Converts to Islam must attest to the faith, or saying the Shahadah, in the presence of witnesses. The shahaadah, the fundamental declaration of Muslim faith, reads, "I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is the last messenger."

As a Muslim, one is expected to follow the remaining five pillars of Islam, as Imam S'adullah Khan explains: "Finally, one needs to practically apply Islam's commandments, which include the prescribed prayers, charity, and a pilgrimage to be taken once in one's lifetime if one has the means of doing so."

Personal stories:
My Journey to Islam By Steven Barboza
Embracing Islam By Halima Toure

Discuss conversion to Islam:
"...After six years of anguish I took the Shahada. Afterward I felt nothing spectacular, and that was what was SO spectacular. As if my soul were a puzzle, the last piece fell into place and I felt whole." --Bdboy

Discuss conversion, share news of your shahadah, or ask questions on the message boards.

Famous converts to Islam:
  • Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
  • Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

    Converstion to Judaism
    How to convert:
    Converts to Judaism must spend a large amount of time learning about Judaism, sit before a bet din (religious court of rabbis) to answer questions about Judaism and their Jewish journey, and immerse themselves in a mikveh or ritual bath.

    Specifics of the conversion process vary by denomination. Traditionally, rabbis are supposed to turn away would-be converts three times before agreeing to help them with the conversion process, but Reform Judaism has adopted a more encouraging attitude. Discuss conversion to Judaism:
    "I knew Judaism was right for me because it had been tugging at my soul for some 40+ years. The pivotal point was about about 5 yrs ago when I attend a Pesach sedar and came away in awe, joyful, a bit saddened realizing that I had missed so much in my life and the strongest desire to be a part of it as a Jew."

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