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  • Link: Q&A: What Will We Look Like in Heaven? Catholics
  • Official Catholic Teaching on Bodily Resurrection
  • Member JKB13 asks: "The Creed says we believe in the resurrection of the body -- is this a literal belief? Does this mean that I'll never get to be a blonde?" Talk with Catholics about bodily resurrection

  • "Jehovah remembers us in such minute detail that at the resurrection, he is able to recreate us with new bodies and all of our mental states, says member ephphatha. Talk with Jehovah's Witnesses

  • "The idea of the seed planted in the ground that 'groweth up' needs to be thought of in terms larger than that of a single human earth life. " --finnfire Talk with Lutherans

    Lutheran Views on Organ Donation and the Resurrection of the Body

    "If the soul is immortal, and survives the death of the flesh which is in reality merely a vessel for the soul, what is the purpose of the resurrection of the body at the end of time?" --shoelimpy Talk with Other Christians

  • Orthodox Jewish Views on Bodily Resurrection
  • "What we are to expect is a physical bodily resurrection. The same G-d who could create the world and us in it shouldn't find it too challenging." --jatudrei1

    Members Discuss Jewish Teachings on Bodily Resurrection

    The Baha'i Faith
    "I understand that the Baha'i do not believe in a physical ressurection, but rather in a figurative one, a form of "spiritual evolution" - for lack of a better term - in the afterlife." -- archon149 Bahais talk

  • What Is Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)?
  • Ask the Imam: The Day of Judgment
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