Buddhists Don't Have to Give Up Meat
By Lama Surya Das

Buddhist Perspectives on Meat

Chicken Dignity
It's OK to eat meat, as long as we treat God's creatures humanely. By Richard Mouw

The Bible Says It's OK to Kill Animals for Food, But...
God's real intention was for people to one day realize that the message of compassion should be applied to all beings.

Interpreting Peter's Vision of Animals in Acts
It meant Jewish Christians could approach Gentiles, not that Christians can eat whatever they want.

Are Humans Abusing Dominion?
A National Review interview with an animal rights author.

Dominion Means Humans Are Above Animals
Just because I adore my cat doesn't mean I'll back PETA's offensive campaigns. By Charlotte Hays

Will We Eat Meat in Heaven?
Interpreting Isaiah.

It's Legitimate to Use Animals for Food
But man's dominion over animals is not absolute. An excerpt from the Catholic Catechism.

Confessions of a Closet Vegetarian
I don't seek to convert others to vegetarianism; I just want to be left alone to practice my own. By Shoba Narayan

No Morality in Meat-Eating
A comprehensive feature by Hinduism Today magazine argues that meat-eating contributes to a mentality of violence

Five Reasons to Be a Vegetarian
Dharmic, health, karmic, and ecological views.

The Qur'an and Meat-Eating

Muslim Fatwas on Vegetarianism
Scholars have ruled that vegetarianism is halal

Muslim Sacred Texts on Animals
Islamic pro-vegetarian site

Kosher Is Not Enough

It's time to stop sacrificing animals. By Rodger Kamenetz

Humans Are More Important Than Animals
We can eat them, but we still must treat them with compassion. By Rabbi Nosson Slifkin

Jewish Veg FAQ
Scriptural and theological views on temple sacrifices, factory farming, kosher laws, and more.

18 Reasons Jews Shouldn't Be Vegetarians (And Why They're Wrong)

Critiquing Vegetarianism
Stop the PC Food Craze
We're persecuting others for their "spiritually incorrect" food. By Dan Wakefield

Chicken Dignity
It's OK to eat meat, as long as we treat God's creatures humanely. By Richard Mouw

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