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And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth."
--Genesis 1:28

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.
--Genesis 3:21

How great are Your works, O God! You made them all with wisdom, the earth is full of Your creatures.
--Psalms 104:24

If you see your enemy's donkey collapsing under its burden, you shall not leave it with him; you shall help him to lift it up.
--Exodus 23:5

God's tender mercies are over all His creatures.
--Psalms 145:9

The righteous person regards the life of his animal.
--Proverbs 12:10

He teaches us from the animals of the land, and from the birds of the Heavens He makes us wise.
--Job 35:11

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.
--Luke 12:6-7

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    There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.
    --Qur'an 6:38

    There is no moving creature on earth, but Allah provides for its sustenance....
    --Qur'an 11:6

    Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praises are celebrated by all beings in the heavens and on earth, and by the birds with extended wings? Each one knows its prayer and psalm, And Allah is aware of what they do.
    --Qur'an 24:41

    All creatures are like a family (Ayal) of God: and he loves the most those who are the most beneficent to His family."
    --The Prophet Muhammad, Narrated by Anas. Mishkat al-Masabih

    "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself"
    --Wisdom of Prophet Mohammad

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    Those who possess this wisdom have equal regard for all. They see the same Self in a spiritual aspirant and an outcaste, in an elephant, a cow, and a dog.
    --Bhagavad Gita 5:18

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    Whoever destroys living beings,
    speaks false words, who in the world
    takes that which is not given to him,
    or goes too with another's wife,
    or takes distilled, fermented drinks--
    whatever man indulges thus
    extirpates the roots of himself
    even here in this very world.

    The wise who hurt no living being, and who keep their body under self-control, they go to the immortal NIRVANA, where once gone they sorrow no more.

    A man is not a great man because he is a warrior and kills other men; but because he hurts not any living being he in truth is called a great man.

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