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Christmas Gifts That Help Others

"I love to buy gifts from the Serrv International Catalog. They are a fair trade organization which, besides having a catalog and a website, offers churches an opportunity to sell their hand crafted wares from cooperatives all over the world in their churches. I found out about Serrv when the church where I used to live had a Serrv store as a part of its community outreach. They have delightful things for children and adults, religious items, and beautiful handcrafted household items."

The Serrv catalog includes holiday gifts like this "Star of Bethlehem" box made by Wichi Indian woodcarvers, as well as nativity wall hangings, Christmas stockings and tree skirts, and more. Explore more holiday gifts.

Make Your Own Angel Ornaments

"I love just about everything in the Chinaberry catalogue, but here's one for the holidays: Beeswax Angel Ornament Kit."

A simple art project for families for the holiday. Chinaberry offers gifts, books, tapes, and more for children.

Honoring the Matriarchs

"My tallit (prayer shawl) that my husband gave me to commemorate my conversion to Judaism. It is made in Israel and supports the Women of the Wall movement. Women that demand the right to pray OUT LOUD at the Western Wall, and worship the way they want to without fear of assault and abuse by the ultra-Orthodox establishment. It honors the 4 Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah."

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Gifts for Unsung Heroes

"I always seem to put all my heart into my gifts. I always want to let my friends know why I love them, and just how profound they are in my life as well as others. I recently found the coolest website. It's www.theunsunghero.com. It's reasonably priced, and part of your payment will be donated to various charities (they have the current charity information posted). It's good for family, friends, teachers, co-workers or virtually anyone important to you. At least take a look, if you have a chance. Some of the stuff is really moving, and will send a good message."

Symbols of Unity & Myth

"Bracelet and necklace with symbols of all the major worlds religions."

View more jewelry like this.

"I really like these statues."

MythicImages.com offers statues like this one of Persephone and other gods and goddesses and mythical figures, including Aphrodite, Diana, and Bacchus.

Bible Verse Dinnerware

"My favorite place to shop online is Monastery Greetings. Another place to order food online from monasteries is: http://www.personal.psu.edu/users/f/g/fge1/foods.html. This place [Freestone Pottery] has 'Scripture Pottery' (pictured here). I like to buy gift items from Conception Abbey. They have beautiful calligraphy prints, icons, wall plaques, jewelry, etc." --christianmystic
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