To: Friends and Supporters of the Campaign for Working Families
From: Gary L. Bauer, Chairman
Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and the Rev. Jerry Vines (former President of the Southern Baptist Convention) are all being put through the media "meat grinder" for daring to speak critically of Islam. Falwell in particular is taking it on the chin. News articles in recent days have accused him of causing Muslim riots in India, a bigger vote in Pakistan for radical Islamic political parties and a backlash against the U.S. in other Muslim nations.

My response: Hogwash! The statements made by all of these Christian leaders are mild compared to the vicious hate rhetoric that is used in thousands of mosques and religious schools across the Middle East, including the West Bank, Africa and Asia. Muslim children by the tens of thousands are being taught that Jews are monkeys, i.e., sub human, and that Allah, through his prophet Mohammad, demands the blood of infidels, i.e., you and me!

When Muslim Palestinian suicide bombers kill innocent Israeli civilians, the knee-jerk reaction in the media and among some apologists for radical Islam is to blame the policies of Ariel Sharon or Israeli settlements or you just fill in the blank. When planes crashed into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers, the apologists said it was the fault of U.S. foreign policy. Now when mobs fill the streets of India or bombs go off in Indonesia, we are supposed to believe it is Jerry Falwell's fault.

Jerry Falwell isn't the problem. Jihadism is. Moreover, it is precisely this kind of radical/murderous/suicidal behavior that proves his point. How much longer must we wait to hear "moderate" Muslim leaders say to these satanic killers, "Not in our name"? I challenge our media elites: Take a look at what is being promoted by many Islamic leaders around the world and then answer the question, "Who is spreading hate?"

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