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"Religion, much like science in some regards, is an attempt to gain a further understanding of an objective, universal truth that is beyond us. Granted, it can be used poorly, as science can with biological warfare and nuclear weapons, but to dismiss it completely on such grounds is ignorant."
-- paxchristi7

"Of course religion has been bad for the world, just like everything woven into the fabric of human consciousness has been--sex, power, etc. It's a fundamental drive and an essential element of the human condition. I think the question is, given that religion can obviously be used for great evil, what can we as individuals or societies do to encourage our religious personalities to flourish in a positive way?"

-- xsherme

"In an ideal world, there would be no 'religion' - there would just be beliefs. Religion is analogous with a political party, with a cult, with a dog muzzle or with horse blinkers - it force-feeds you a series of ideas and you have to accept them if you want to be a part of that religion. Original thought is stifled, and instead one becomes a part of one giant machine, one enormous puppetry device. Religion hands you a set of beliefs on a plate, and you swallow them hook, line and sinker."

-- kungfutzu

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