Beliefnet member michaele8's comments that "more people should adopt a traditional Biblical attitude on having children" sparked a lively debate on our boards. Read what members had to say and post your response.

Genesis 1:28 is still in effect
"When God made us he wasn't making a mistake and he wasn't wrong when he said to multiply and replenish the earth. Gen. 1:28 was never revoked...So why is it that only Traditional Catholics, Fundamentalists, Mormons and Muslims and Ultra Orthodox Jews the only ones who still obey God in this issue?...Can you prove that God made a mistake in regards to that law? Maybe he should have said "until you reach a level that Ted Turner says is enough." --michaele8

Mission accomplished?
"My question is this: if the formula is be fruitful + multiply = fill the earth, then hasn't humanity already fulfilled that command? If God desired and commanded us to fill the earth, then we've already done it. Is it possible that Christians could see being fruitful and multiplying as a duty already done?" --sotoone

God hasn't said "Stop"
"No where does God say, 'Okay guys, that's enough. No more babies.' If God didn't want any more people to be born He could cause all women to be barren. He hasn't." --mumsy5

God doesn't micromanage
"It's a little trickier than that, more of finding a maintenance level. So God wouldn't come down and say 'No more breeding...Earth's full now', he'd have to say 'Ok, now we have a good balance. Now if you move some population over here...and grow more food there...and everyone have, on average, this many children...we should be good to go.' Last I checked, God tended to give guidelines, not micromanage." --kannbrown65

Gather the "fruit" already here
"This Christian thinks it would be best if we were to gather the 'fruit' already here and to make families with orphans and foster children rather than endless personal breeding." --ChickieShortlegs

Use birth control
"It infuriates me to see children who are brought into the world without forethought and planning. There are couples who are incapable of providing for children either financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. These are the people who should use birth control." --Genet

Defending six kids
"If you don't want to have children then so be it. A woman I know with 6 kids used to tell any busybody that questioned why she had so many children that the world was better off with more people like her and less people with opinions that question the value of having children and raising them with Biblical values." --michaele8

In praise of family planning
"I've been married for almost 3 years with a 22 month old daughter. She was planned, she is loved, and we are able to give her everything we feel is appropriate for her without sacrificing anything else to do so. I don't think I could have done so at an earlier age. I also don't want anymore children." --ladydraken

Quality of life concerns
"Who said we always need the population to go up? ...My concern isn't the quantity of babies, but the quality of life of the babies. That's why I reject and resent the Pope's position on birth control. ...Until they have had to work two jobs to provide for their children, I don't think the Catholic hierarchy should prevent families from controlling how many children they are able to sustain." --KWinters

Not an easy decision
"I go back and forth on this issue. ...I do want kids (sometimes). I think, wow, to have the joys and the sorrows and to leave a piece of myself behind when I die. Then I think, How selfish of me. Bringing another soul into this world is not an easy decision, but it's one I see people make far too easily. Am I really being selfish by not having kids? Remember, the Bible was written when man was still new to this world and the population was small." --Dyan

"Fruitful" may not refer just to kids
"I don't think that God was only referring to progeny ...The "fruitful" was Israel in being blessed by God, the "multiply" part comes in the form of multiplying or spreading this very important message that the God of Israel is God." --Hilander

Post your response. Posts were also drawn from two other boards: Be fruitful and multiply and Birth Control.

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