The rumors about Mossad involvement in the September 11 tragedies began circulating on the Beliefnet message boards soon after the attacks. During the weeks that followed, some members moved from blaming the Mossad specifically to blaming American Jews and the U.S. relationship with Israel. Here we excerpt some of the most anti-Jewish and anti-Israel message board posts.

"American people were left in the dark and lied to by their own elected officials who put their own interest ahead of that of the people when they sold their conscience and their soul to a well entrenched Jewish lobby who hold an absolute sway over who gets elected and who does not."

"You bring up a great point in that Jews do have much sway in our great nation, even in elections. I believe that while not directly involved, Israel is indirectly connected to our recent tragic events. Sure, Jews will attack me for this, but I believe that Israel's Mossad (Israel's intelligence agency) possibly had evidence that this attack would happen."

"The Jewish people have so much money in this country and they are very organized. We, the Gentiles, don't even think to become so organized so as to put forth a goal or an ideology such as do the Jewish people. And certainly we don't have the organizational money to do so. I have read about but I can't, at the present time, remember their title so, to continue this statement, I'll just call them The World Zionist Group. This is a world organization of Jews to seek control of all countries through pressure and politics. They are doing an excellent job! They have control of the greatest country on earth, the USA. They control us through their total control of our media..... I am not against the Jewish people, but I do believe that they are against us."

"In Israel both sides are murderers. I think the side that uses helicopter gun ships on unarmed civilians and bulldozes and steals peoples homes and property is the worst side. That's the one that deports civilians and violates the international agreements on how to treat civilians in occupied territories. They're the ones with the six sided hooked cross."

"you have no idea what you are talking about you just regurgitate the rhetoric that your feeble minded associate spew you as you get sloppy drunk over your kosher wine which is the source of your drunkard rhetorical excuses.

"just going about your business pulling the strings in the Zionist sinister plot. Zionism is starting to even eat at the conscious of the Israeli teenagers who are becoming conscious objectors to serve in the Israeli armed forces. You have no right to occupy Arab land. You guys do not have any divine decree. You guys are not the Jews I read about in the Bible. Their blood does not flow through your veins."

"Oh yeh, wait some twenty years from now and see what kind of catastrophe, U.S. friendship to Israel has brought upon the people of the United states and the whole world. That is if you live that long!

"Bin Laden and his organization had the wrong impression about America. They know the Jews are into trading; they destroyed the World Trade Center. They know our goverment supplies Israel with much technology and money (3-billion or more a year) much of which is misused against the Palenstinian; it was our military that was used against Iraq - which just happened to serve Israel's interests. So they attacked the Pentagon. They know our government is pro-Israel and no doubt they intended to destroy the White House and/or Capitol Building, but failed. Bin Laden intention may have meant to convey to us that if we could not straingten ourselves out he would do it for us. He did not understand that killing all those people, most of whom were non-Jewish, and bringing great grief upon us has turned the western world against him. Now our biggest weapons and technology are after him while the Jews sit back all safe and sound watching us fight among ourselves. As usual.

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