The end-times are among the most popular topics on the Beliefnet discussion boards in the weeks following the terrorist attacks. Here are some examples of what members are saying.

SavedByThaBlood1: "This is a spiritual Warfare, between light and dark, between God and Satan, between Good vs. Evil..This is the enemy Satan trying to destroy God's property.. It's time to turn back to God, America...it's time to go back before it's too late."

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Petie: "I believe with all my heart that Jesus will return in my lifetime and take believers with him. GOD decides when the time is right for him to come. For things in the world to get progressively worse on a daily basis is only a sign in itself; and a mere hint of what it will be like to 'live' during the Tribulation."

sdfranz: "I, like many of us who feel it, have never been a religious fundamentalist...but something big, much bigger than any one country's military can comprehend IS in motion. Haven't we seen a huge rise in natural disasters, like floods, hurricanes, fires, etc. More mental illness and chemical dependency, random acts of violence. We all know about the Ozone. And is EVERYTHING becoming a commercial? IT IS completely plausible that THIS civilization in entering its demise, Ancient Rome did as well as The Mayans, and others."

Latreuo: "I believe that yes, this is a sign of the times and a big one, especially if this turns into a war. If this triggers a nuclear war, it could mean the end of the world, and I believe God will step in and end time before man does."

nanaua: "I do believe that that time is rapidly growing short, and that things are lining up for the World war that the Bible talks about and the world peace brought about by the anti-christ.. For the believer it is looking forward to the rapture in the air with our Lord before he comes again to the earth to set up his kingdom. I believe that I will be living to see that day ,Lord willing, and I believe we don't have much time to wait.

elisabethscot: "I see these attacks as a warning to give God everything in my life I've been holding back, so that whatever moment God calls me home, I'm ready and I can be confident that what I did in life I did for the glory of God and it will last an eternity.

Ms.confident: These definitely are the end of times. This attack of America is just an example of what is quoted in the Bible...wars and rumors of wars. I feel sorrow and my prayers are with those who lost loved ones in that tragedy, but these are the end of times and for all those that don't have God in their lives and Jesus as their personal savoir, this is only the begining of what is going to happen.

AnitaK: This is a wake up call to all Christians. The churches have gone to sleep and God is not pleased. The churches are not preaching the gospel. They are allowing all sorts of worldly entertainment in, rock and roll and compromising with the world to the point you can no longer tell the world from the Christians. Allowing the murdering of millions of innocent babies, loose sex, the ordaining of homosexuals and unmarried couples. The living together, in other words those committing fornication and adultery. The people have replaced God with material goods. Unfortunately, it took a horrendous tragedy such as this to bring people to their knees. I don't believe all that died were saved by the blood of the Lamb. Hopefully this terrible tragedy will bring millions of people to confess and repent and turn to Christ.

"God is not a God to be mocked. I think He has been mocked long enough by those who feel they can live a sinful lifestyle with God blessings!

"I believe we are at the point of Revelation where the four horses are being released. Revelation chapter 6. I believe a world leader will soon come and announce a world plan of peace."

Underhill: "This certainly could be the fulfillment of prophecy. But Christ said that only the Father knows the time...Maybe what is necessary is for each of us to look within ourselves and to be ready for whatever comes. We could be bombed, crop-dusters flown by terrorists could create a biological disaster, or we could get in a car accident on the way to work. . Why not prepare our hearts now and leave the timing to God?"

onechild: "Everyone looks to prophecy when something happens. The main thing is to pray and keep praying. If it is the end of times you can't do anything about it."

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