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  • Belief in Deity
    God Almighty is impersonal, formless ultimate reality and He is the Creator, personal savior, inner teacher, omniscient, omnipotent, and incorporeal.

    God reveals and manifests Himself through all in the universe, but no finite form can be worshipped as God, who is infinite. God chose to embody the Divine Light in the Guru Nanak and in nine gurus successively, and finally to the scriptures themselves, but none are to be worshipped as God(s).

    Origin of Universe and Life
    God existed in deep meditation of the void for countless ages until deciding to create the universe and life. Only God knows how and when the universe and life and the first karma were created.

    After Death
    One’s soul is continually reborn until liberated by the Grace of God, at which time the soul merges with God (Guru).

    Why Evil?
    No original sin, no Satan. We are currently in the age of sin when evil is likely to flourish. Humans are inherently prone to succumb to temptations. God created all and gave people free will. Evil is permitted as a test of the character of humanity and the faithfulness of evil’s victims. Godless evildoers are to be avoided.

    Salvation is enlightenment, granted by God’s grace only, resulting in liberation from cycles of rebirth and the soul’s merger with God (the Supreme Soul or Guru) after death. Frequent prayer, mediation, and song in praise of God, adult baptism into the Khalsa brotherhood, good works (alms and free food kitchen), morality, and obeying God’s laws (divine words conveyed through 10 human Gurus) demonstrate devotion and purify the soul of impurities accumulated over many prior lifetimes and of the human vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride (or ego).

    Undeserved Suffering
    Rebirth occurs, but one is not destined to suffer under the law of karma. Suffering is not inflicted directly by God but is permitted by God as a test of courage and faith. Suffering is appreciated for the good that it often brings out in humanity, e.g. compassion. The faithful are most vulnerable to suffering at the hand of evildoers who challenge their faith. Suffering is seen as the remedy and pleasure the disease.

    Contemporary Issues
    Abortion is a sin. Homosexuality is not addressed in scripture, but one source indicated that it is considered as part of one's karma, and subjects the person to psychic imbalance between female and male energies, which could lead to self-destructive behaviors. Gender equality is a stated position and is emphasized in practice. Remarriage of widows is permitted.

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