• Eavesdrop on a Beliefnet dialogue group discussing Smith's "Why Religion Matters."
  • To that metaphysical point that I find obvious, I add this historical one. Until modern science arrived, everyone lived with a worldview that conformed to the outline just mentioned. Science replaced that traditional worldview-manifold in its expressions, single in its geometrical outline-with the scientific worldview.

    The latest journalist to interview me remarked in the course of our conversation that I seem to be angry at science. I corrected him. I am angry at us--modern Westerners who, forsaking clear thinking, have allowed ourselves to become so obsessed with life's material underpinnings that we have written science a blank check. I am not talking about money here; I am talking about a blank check for science's claims concerning what constitutes knowledge and justified belief. The impressiveness of pure science enters the picture, but for the public at large the miracles of technology have generally been more important.

    This is the cause of our spiritual crisis..

    Because prediction is a hazardous enterprise, it yields diminishing returns. The best way to prepare for the future is to have in our possession a map that can orient us, wherever the future may bring.