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I like being agnostic because I can find proof to go along with faith and not have to believe blindly. I can go my own way without having to follow someone else's rules.

-- Kitana_17

I like being Asatru because it validates my inclination to bonk irritating people on the head with a Big (Rhetorical) Hammer. I am blunt; in Asatru, blunt is a good thing. "Frith" and "cooperation" are much more resonant values for me than "niceness" or "harmony".

-- oldsma

I like being unlabeled because I believe labels can be limiting to both the "labelee" as well as the "labellor".

Not defining myself by an arbitrary construct allows me to remain open to the underlying truths that reveal themselves to me every second of every day in every way, shape and form and "label".

I am no religion, no nationality, no race, no gender, no species, etc., and yet I am all these things at once. I am in you and you are in me; I am in All That Is and All That IS is in me.

-- kybalionist

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