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like being Pagan because my Paganism affirms the sacredness in all life. I don't have to go looking for a holy place, I have only to walk outside to see the Spirit inherent in life. It's a faith that flows through every aspect of life, tethering you to the magnificent world around you and reminding you at every step that all life is connected and interdependent. Paganism is my cauldron of endless sacred inspiration.
-- Peragana

love being Pagan because
sex is holy and
love is a sacrament,
birth is a miracle and
death is a sad rejoicing;
animals and plants and
rocks are my Brothers and Sisters,
and sin is an alien concept;
And when the wind whispers my name
and the creeks and rivers sing me songs,
and the trees tell me secrets,
and when priests can be men or women
and the Lord and Lady hold us all
in the arms of the World-
Then I love being Pagan
even more.
-- pagandenma

I like being Wiccan because it provides a spiritual structure that is completely in tune with how I connect with the Divine. It provides a moral code that allows for individual choice, yet puts responsibility directly on the individual. Wiccan gives me access to a community of people with common beliefs, but whose expressions of those commonalities are so rich in diversity and beauty. It gives me strength during the difficult times; comfort and answers when the Dark Mother takes a loved one in death. Wicca is there for me when I am alone; there are no mankind's institutions to put a third party between me and the Divine. I like being Wiccan because here I am at peace.
-- Seshen

would consider my Pagan beliefs an intricate part of my being. I like being Pagan due to the manner in which we celebrate the changing seasons. We celebrate all aspects of life, even death. We celebrate the budding flowers which fall away. We celebrate the fruit which follows. Finally, we celebrate the dying of the plants come winter for as those plants decay, they provide nutrients that the new plants will need come spring. It is hard ro put into words for it is a feeling inside that defies language.
-- Aradian

LOVE being Pagan because I am allowed to be open about how I feel. I don't have to try to hide who I am because it would be sinful. i love it because it holds nature in reverence. it encourages love and openmindedness. I love being Pagan because there are no set rules, and I don't have to follow anyone elses belief. it is wonderful because it is scientific, my magick is real, not some abstract concept. I love it because i can feel it in my gut when i'm happy. i love it because it feels like flying.
-- FlowerOfIsis

More "I Like Being" quotes
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