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I like Taoism because it focuses on simple truths that can be found everywhere, and never claims to know everything.

Taoism is a profound statement on the human animal and the world that he is constantly surrounded in. It shows us in simple and truthful ways what we have done to that world to bring ourselves out of harmony. What also like is the tolerance. Lao-tse never believed in a god, but in his original writings he never says anythign for or against it. I consider myself both a taoist and a christian, and the two have never contradicted each other.

-- wanderspirit

Many aspects of it have appealed to me. While I wouldn't consider myself 'saved' in any sense, before becoming a taoist, I was an atheist. Maybe I was searching for something. I remember reading "The tao is silent" and then it really appealed to me. I do enjoy to feeling of no duty, no worries, no suffering.

As for wu wei, I found that when I completly ignore my algebra teacher, I get better grades. Before I would try to pay attention then fall asleep or something to that degree. After ignoring him completly, my grade rose from an 80 to a 101. yay...

-- juzam

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