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I like being a Baha'i because the Baha'i Faith is SOLID. I can trust that even when individual people may fall short, the institutions will always hold firm. Everything about being a Baha'i is practical and real and spiritual. It feels me up with the Holy Spirit and moves my soul closer to God. "Verily, Thou art the Gracious! Verily, Thou art the Lord of Great Favor!" -Abdu'l-Baha'

-- webpagemaker

I like being a Baha'i because with it the world and history make sense. It also makes sense of the many religions of mankind. Baha'i also unites me spiritually with all other human beings regardless of what they believe.

-- harlan

I like being a Baha'i because no matter where I'm at in this would I can find the comfort of friendship within whatever area I end up in and should I find myself alone, it is alone in the comfort of God.

-- demise

More "I Like Being" quotes
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