Debating Polygamy
Resources, articles, FAQs, and more in support of polygamous lifestyles.

Tapestry Against Polygamy
Comprehensive website of anti-polygamy organization

Polygamy's Victims Find Their Voice
An article from Business Week.

Information, statistics, and more from a pro-polygamy standpoint.

When One Is Not Enough: Women and Polygamy
An article from Women's International Net Magazine article.

Chronology of Federal Legislation on Polygamy
Detailed essay on the U.S. government's involvement with the issue.

Religion and Law About Non-Monogamous Relationships
Historical, religious, and legal sources and links on polygamy.

History of Polygamy in the Mormon Church
From ReligiousTolerance.org

Polygamy in Utah
A historical look at the issue and the role it has played in Utah's history.

Polygamy in Utah and the Mormon World
Fundamentalist or Polygamy-Practicing Mormon Offshoots
An essay from AmericanReligion.org.

Polygamy Debate in Utah
Essay about recent debate over the issue.

Utah Struggles With a Revival in Polygamy
A recent article.

Christians and Polygamy
Polygamy in the New Testament Period
From ChristianThinkTank.org

Polygamy Among African Churches
An Anglican perspective.

Does the Bible Condone or Condemn Polygamy?
Argues that the Bible does not allow polygamy.

Pro-polygamy Christian ministry.

Christian View in Favor of Polygamy
Ideological and practical information and advice.

Christian Polygamy
Site in support of plural marriage.

Polygamy in Judaism
Jewish Pro-Polygamy Page
Based on the Bible and rabbinic sources.

Old Testament Polygamy
Claims polygamy is not sanctioned by the Bible.

Polygamy in Jewish History
Essay from a pro-polygamy standpoint.

A Guide to Polygamy in the Bible and Jewish Law
A survey of sources on polygamy.

Polygamy in Islam
Polygamy in Islamic Law
An essay by Dr. Jamal Badawi.

Survey on Islam and Polygamy
How much do you know about Islam's view of polygamy? This Muslim organization is taking a survey on the topic.

Polygamy in Islam
Information from an anti-polygamous standpoint.

Polygamy: Punishing Honesty and Rewarding Deception?
Article argues from an Islamic perspective that polygamy is preferable to adultery, which inevitably results from monogamy.

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