God! there is no god
But He,-the Living,
The Self-Subsisting, Eternal.

It is He Who sent down
To thee (step by step),
In truth, the Book,
Confirming what went before it;
And He sent down the Law
(Of Moses) and the Gospel
(Of Jesus) before this,
As a guide to mankind,
And He sent down the Criterion
(Of judgement between right and wrong.)

Then those who reject
Faith in the Sign of God
Will suffer the severest
Penalty, and God
Is exalted in Might,
Lord of Retribution.

From God, verily
Nothing is hidden
On earth or in the heavens.

He it is Who shapes you
In the wombs as He pleases.
There is no god but He,
The Exalted in Might,
The Wise.

Al-Imran, Verses 2-6, Yusuf Ali translation

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