• The Jewish Shabbat
  • The Christian Sabbath
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    The Jewish Shabbat:
    Shabbat Shalom!
    Learn about the concept of Shabbat and find out how it is traditionally celebrated on Virtual Jerusalem's new Shabbat Mini Site.

    Shabbat Across America
    A program designed to unite Jews across the United States and Canada in celebrating Shabbat. The next Shabbat Across America will take place March 23, 2001.

    The Ultimate Shabbat Site
    Includes Shabbat laws, songs, and a children's corner.

    Symphony of Candles
    A project to document firsthand the weekly Jewish observance of Shabbat in communities around the world through photographs and essays, as well as internet-hosted audio and video.

    Shabbat As a Family
    Includes ideas for observing Shabbat as a family. Projects include challah-baking, challah cover-making and other crafts, and practicing the Havdalah service

    The Nature of Shabbat
    A detailed explanation of the significance of Shabbat, from Jewfaq.org

    Origins of Shabbat
    Learn more about the origins of Shabbat from EverythingJewish.com. Also lists Shabbat laws and customs

    The Family Shabbat Talk Table
    Family Shabbat Table offers home study materials on the weekly Torah portion for adults and children. Used at a family meal, it is intended to enhance the celebration of Shabbat.

    Take a Shabbat Quiz

    Shabbat Recipes
    Shabbat recipes from Jewish.com

    Shabbos Songs
    Listen to online Shabbat music from various Jewish artists, including Chaim Dovid, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and the Moshav Band.

    The Christian Sabbath:
    Where the Time Goes
    Laundry? Church? Reading the comics? A survey of Presbyterians and their Sunday habits.

    The Meaning of Sabbath
    The meaning and origins of the Sabbath, from the Catholic Encyclopedia

    The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States
    Promoting the Lord's Day as a day of rest, worship, and spiritual renewal.

    A Weekly Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?
    A discussion of the weekly Sabbath and other religious ceremonies of Jewish and early Christian believers

    The Purpose of the Sabbath
    Includes customs, crafts, and activities.

    Christian Sabbath Keepers
    The Sabbath and the Christian church

    Seventh-Day Adventists on Sabbath
    Guidelines for observing the Sabbath from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    The Sabbath-Keeping Young
    The Sabbath for kids, with games, fun facts, and puzzles

    Dies Domini
    The text of Pope John Paul II's apostolic letter on the Lord's Day

    101 Ideas for Sunday Activities
    From the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    Suggested Books and Other Products:
    Visit the Shabbat section of the Beliefnet store for books, music, and Judaica items.

    The Sabbath
    By Abraham Joseph Heschel

    Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest
    By Wayne Muller

    Sabbath Keeping
    By Donna Schaper

    Gates of Shabbat
    By Mark D. Shapiro

    Receiving the Day: Christian Practices for Opening the Gift of Time
    By Dorothy Bass

    A Day of Rest: Creating a Spiritual Space in Your Week
    By Martha Whitmore Hickman

    Welcoming the Sabbath
    Richard Tucker performs the Friday evening Shabbat service on this CD.

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