For many people, honoring the Sabbath means attending a religious service. To deepen your experience, you may want to incorporate one or more of the following ideas into your day.

1. Don't spend money. Avoid the mall and other stores. Added benefit: By removing yourself from the commerce cycle, you make it possible for fewer people to work on the Sabbath.

2. Minimize your use of electricity and machines. You'll be surprised how much time opens up when you swear off your computer, TV, lawn mower, and other appliances.

3. Avoid driving. Instead, take nature walks or explore your neighborhood. If you must use your car to attend a service or meeting, try to make only one trip all day.

4. Take off your watch.

5. Minimize your use of the phone, either by reserving phone time for family and friends, or by unplugging it altogether if you don't need to be reachable. Turn off pagers and cell phones.

6. Try not to gossip, complain, or dwell on negative aspects of your life.

7. Avoid activities that will cause worry or anger, such as paying bills. Exception: The Sabbath is a good day for writing checks to charities you support.

8. Choose activities that allow time for breaks and contemplation, such as gardening, reading, and noncompetitive sports or play.

9. Have a relaxed meal with family or friends. Don't worry about cooking a gourmet meal; just enjoy their company.

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