A Virtual Tour of Al Gore Jr.'s Church
Step insdie New Salem Missionary Baptist, the vice president's hometown church. Take an interactive tour, read about the church, view an album of church images, and discuss related issues.

A Virtual Tour of George W. Bush's Church
Step inside Highland Park United Methodist, the governor's hometown chuch. Read about the church and listen to a sermon and hymns from the church choir.

The Errant Evangelical
A presidential counselor in the line of fire
By Tony Campolo

Excerpts from "What's God Got to Do With the American Experiment?", edited by E.J. Dionne Jr. and John J. DiIulio Jr.

Bible Study Moms
Poll reveals influential Christian mothers concerned about loss of values
By Andy Butcher

Why Are People Leaving the GOP?
The GOP's stance on abortion continues to disregard the realities of peoples' lives
By Reverend Carlton W. Veazey

T.D. Jakes on George W. Bush
The Bishop says presidential candidate George W. Bush takes his faith seriously
By Billy Bruce

In Praise of Dick Cheney
George W. Bush's running mate will energize the Republican Party
By Jerry Falwell

The Candidates On Faith:

  • Al Gore
  • George W. Bush
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