Soul Therapy
Do evangelical Christian therapists have something to teach their secular counterparts?
By Mary Sykes Wylie

Life in the Holy Fishbowl
The challenges and joys of being a clergy spouse
By Lisa Konick

Sorting Out the Noise
Are public schools really that bad? Emotion and stereotypes cloud the issue, leaving Christian families to sift out the truth
By Mary McLean Hix

The Bible Unbound
These CD-ROM collections take the Bible and study guides out of their covers and puts them on your computer
By Karen Jones

The Business of the Kingdom
Management guru Peter Drucker thinks the future of America is in the hands of churches.
By Tim Stafford

Not Your Father's Church
Christianity shouldn't be marketed to a specific generation of consumers.
By Andy Crouch

The Evolution of Gen X Ministry
Should we create churches on the assumption that Gen Xers will grow out of them?
By Valerie and Dieter Zander

Hallowed be thy ... Whatsyourname
My day with Whatsyourname, the itinerant preacher who looks a lot like YouKnowWho
By John D. Spalding

Be Careful Who Chooses Your Soul
Some warning signs on the road to a multi-faith future
By Frederica Mathewes-Green

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