Remembering Chaplain O'Connor
As a military chaplain, Cardinal O'Connor learned to minister to all God's children, regardless of their faith or lifestyle
by Arthur Hertzberg

A Change for the Better
Fewer people are speaking against homosexuality, not because of fear, but because of a genuine change in attitude
by Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman

The Love That Dares Not Be Criticized
Militant gays are trying to silence those who believe homosexual acts are sinful
by Tom Bethell

The Micro-War on Poverty
A little can mean a lot to the poor
by Jim Naughton

Root of All Evil No More
Nowadays, 'wealth' means job-creating investments, not hoarded bags of gold. So why do we still condemn the rich?
by Michael Novak

Did Catholic Conservatives Plot to Kill the Pope?
by Andrew Greeley
Papal biographer Tad Szulc suggests that French rightists masterminded the 1981 assassination attempt

A Mother's Witness
After my daughter's accident, my greatest fear was not that she would die, but that in our need we would be abandoned
by Marilyn Martone

Annulment--The Catholic Name for Divorce?
How the Catholic Church deals with some failed marriages

Bridgeport's Egan Named Cardinal O'Connor's Successor
The new archbishop of New York holds conservative views similar to those of his predecessor and is a Vatican insider

Egan's Got the Word: He's Next Archbishop
The pope is not expected to release official word on a replacement for the late Cardinal O'Connor for a couple of weeks
by Cathy Burke and Angela Mosconi

How to Make Your Own Mary Garden
It can be as big as a city block or as small as a fishbowl
by Vincenzina Krymow

Annie's First Communion
A 'fallen away' Catholic finds that her daughter's rite of passage rekindles her own faith
by Joan Leonard

Four Ways to Help Prepare Your Child for First Communion
Talk to them about the Eucharist in ways that relate to their own lives
by Bert Ghezzi

New York's Cardinal O'Connor Dies
The outspoken Catholic archbishop had been ailing since brain surgery last summer. He was 80
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A Real Compassionate Conservative
John Cardinal O'Connor: His Softer Side
by Mario Cuomo

Principalities and Powers
The fictional priests of J.F. Powers play golf and rectory politics in a most worldly fashion
by Ralph McInerny

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