Laying Up Treasure on Earth
How an affluent, liberal, socially conscious parish forgot its commitment to the poor when it came time to renovate the church
by Jim Naughton

Is the Pope Overdoing the Apologies?
He may be providing ammunition to critics who would like the Church to dismantle core doctrines
by Tom Bethell

Steps Toward Reconciliation?
The pope is moving in the right direction, but his record--and that of the Church as a whole--is still spotty
by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Asking Forgiveness
Acknowledging past sins helps us overcome their influence in our lives today
by Thomas J. Reese, S.J.

Who's apologizing?
Check out our interactive chart to find out what churches are apologizing to whom

For Latino Catholics, Lent Is a Time to Confront Suffering

In a world obsessed with avoiding pain, Hispanic spirituality sees, through Jesus' Passion, that it can be redemptive
Sister Yolanda Tarango, C.C.V.I.

Interactive Lenten Calendar
A new activity each day to help make the season more meaningful.

We'll Take the 'Quiet Mass'
A father drives his family 100 miles to attend a Latin liturgy with no bouncy songs or donuts afterward
Jeffrey Tucker

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