Pro-Choice and Pro-Church
Why I choose to fight for abortion rights from within the Catholic Church--and why I'm not worried about excommunication threats
by Frances Kissling

Time to Excommunicate
Catholics who advocate legal abortion or otherwise defy church teaching shouldn't call themselves Catholics
by Tom Bethell

No Place at the Table
Protestants are welcome at Catholic Mass--but not in the Communion line
by Meinrad Scherer-Emunds

Go Ahead-- Bash the Bishop
He's human like you, so it's all right to complain--just don't let him make you mad enough to leave the church
by Andrew Greeley

Garry Wills Pulls No Punches
He blasts the church's "old silly arguments" against abortion, contraception, and priestly marriage
By Stephanie Schorow

The Real Message of Fatima Isn't So Secret
Mary visited Portugal to call for repentance, not to dish out apocalyptic snippets
by Ralph McInerny

It's a Mistake to Search for the 'Historical' Jesus
Almost everything we know about him comes from the Gospels, shaped by the Christian experience
by Luke Timothy Johnson

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