On whether the program focused too heavily on scholars affiliated with the Jesus Seminar:

"The issues addressed in the show are nothing new--only new to those who haven't had the privilege of a balanced theological education. I blame the church (even my own evangelical church) for this lack of info. These issues were going to be released sooner or later to the general public. I am, however, discouraged that many Christians were not prepared for what they heard. They should have been...

"I found this presentation disturbingly one-sided. Scholars who believe archeological and historical evidence supports the historical reliability of the New Testament were not included."

"The stated aim of this program was to investigate the current state of historical scholarship regarding the life of Jesus of Nazareth, a person from a particular time and a particular place. It specifically made no claims as to the religious or mystical nature of Christ. As far as the historical scholarship went, I found it to be one of the most interesting and informative broadcasts around."

"Here we go again...The ideas presented in the 26 June ABCNews special entitled 'The Search for Jesus' come largely from a fringe group known as the Jesus Seminar and in no way deserve the kind of publicity ABC has given them. A more balanced documentary would acknowledge the great weight of scholarly opinion against the Seminar's conclusions. Instead, we get ABC's complicity in an "end run" around scholarly disdain for the Seminar via the sensational, but unfounded claims offered in 'The Search for Jesus.'"

"Even those who believe in the literal meaning of the scriptures do research as well. It is not only the moderate and liberal who goes to digs in the Middle East and tries to understand the expressed meaning of the New Testament writers. What really bothered me about the ABC special is the total disconnect ABC has with schools of theology like that of the SW Baptist Theological Seminary or Dallas Seminary where they do real research and show why they believe the way they do. This show would have been more interesting to hear from both sides of the fence concerning what Christ said and didn't say, do and didn't do, instead of a continuous chorus of He didn't do this and that and oh yeah, he didn't mean that as well. A sad waste of an opportunity to have a much far ranging dialogue on this crucial subject."

On whether the show changed your ideas about who killed Jesus:

"I choose to believe that Pilate washed his hands of the plot of the priests of the temple, for the simple fact that the hand of God was upon him. Maybe Pilate's wife had as much of an influence on him as mine does on me, so instead of keeping with tradition, she convinced him to leave the matter of the disposition of Christ to the Jewish priests who wanted him dead."

"I do not believe that God wants to blame anyone person or group for Jesus' death. I believe that there were a mix of people in that group! Remember, there had been a lot of gossip going around. Probably by the time it circled through the grapevine, they really thought He was a criminal. Look at the mob mentality. Whenever there is a large group of people doing the same thing, you can not stop them."

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