On whether the program changed your view of who Jesus was or your faith in him:

"I'm a Christian...and watching the program this evening did not 'destroy' my faith. If my faith was so weak that it could be 'destroyed' by some archeologists and scholars, would it be a faith worth having?"

"Even though I was okay with the way Peter Jennings reported this topic, I could not help feeling that once again the media had to take something that is so profound and so personal to people's lives and try find justifaction for it really happening. There are Christians throughout the world that do not need any more proof that Jesus existed. Why can't there just have really been a son of God who came here to save us? This is a divine feeling and power of faith that should not have to be proven. The many miracles and signs that Jesus exists is enough proof for many Christians."

"The bottom line is that this program was wonderful at demystifying Christ's life, and portraying him as the courageous, radical, revolutionary man-of-color that he was, and not the pale, wimpish blue-eyed straight-haired blond 'lamb' that Europeans have popularly invented him to be."

"It can be unsettling to hear scholars place events in Jesus' life in historical context. But one has to realize that the Gospels were written 50 to 100 years after Jesus' death. They were written through the eyes of faith. The underlying truths about Jesus in the Gospels are what's important, not the details. Whether He walked on water or not is not important to me, but how he related to outcasts and sinners is, as is his resurrection. I still believe."

"I have spent many years working as a Christian educator and have consistently been appalled by the lack of biblical literacy among church members. Many persons fighting hard for the literal, fundamental approach of the scriptures have never read what they are defending. Nor do they have a clue about the political role of the early church in deciding what was God's Word for all time and all people. The Christian church has committed untold atrocities and human degradation defending it's position of God ordained, God chosen specialness. We have become a religion of proof texting, lifting from context, Bible packing fanatics arguing about "Who Jesus Was", rather than living lives grounded in the great moral truths of both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. The real question is not "who Jesus Was", but who I am. What kind of life do I lead? How do I treat my neighbor?"

On whether the show altered your view of the Bible:

"The Bible was written by human beings, who, even if they were divinely inspired, are still human, with all their human foibles. They were responding to something huge that had happened to them, and they responded like human beings, i.e. imperfectly. But their imperfection is not related to the truth.

"I was very disappointed by the lack of attention given to those of us who know that the Bible is 100% inspired by God--making it 100% historically accurate."

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