June 15, 2000

A Mormon cast member on MTV's new season of "The Real World" is on the verge of getting tossed out of Brigham Young University because of the show's co-ed living arrangement.

The 20-year-old woman, known only as Julie, spent five months being filmed for the show in New Orleans. When the first episode of the season aired on Tuesday night, BYU officials got their first eyeful of how the student had been living.

On the show, Julie participates in several activities that are strictly prohibited at the Mormon school - like sleeping in the same room with the male cast members.

The day after the fairly tame season opener was broadcast, officials at BYU have cited Julie with violating the school's strict honor code.

The ultra-conservative school says that by living under the same roof with four men Julie is breaking the university's rules against cohabitation - living with a member of the opposite sex to whom she is not married.

The show features two other women and four men, all living in a mini-mansion in the Big Easy.

"I definitely was naive in some ways," Julie recently told The Post. "I think I'm a very different person walking out of this than I was walking into it."

School officials have yet to make a decision about Julie. If she is tossed out, the school could face a wave of negative publicity. If they allow Julie to return to her classes this fall, other students may protest that the school was overlooking conduct that would have gotten her expelled had it not happened on a national TV show.

Julie apparently thought that some disciplinary action may have been coming.

"BYU is an awesome school," she told US Weekly last week. "But what New Orleans did was ground me more solidly in what I believe. I will divorce beliefs that are not mine - things like cursing or not drinking caffeine.

"I don't think God cares if I drink a Mountain Dew," she says, referring to the soft drink that contains caffeine.

The reality based show - now in its ninth season - dumps seven young strangers into a big house in an exotic locale for five months and videotapes what transpires among them.

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