What is the Rapture?
According to some Protestant Christians, the Rapture is an end-time event when born-again Christians will be "caught up" into the air and meet Christ in the sky. Many believe that this will happen unexpectedly, and people will suddenly rise from their cars or kitchen tables into the sky. At some point after the Rapture, Christ will begin a thousand-year reign.

When will the Rapture occur?
The Rapture will occur at a time related to the tribulation, the seven-year period before the Second Coming of Christ during which the Antichrist will be in power. There are three major schools of thought about when it will occur:

  • Pre-tribulation rapture
  • Mid-tribulation
  • Post-tribulation
    Many believe the tribulation period will be a time of famine, disasters, and illness.
  • What are the biblical references to the Rapture?
    The following verses, among others, have been interpreted by some to be evidence of the Rapture:

  • 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
  • Mark 13:26-27
  • Revelation 11:11-12
  • What will happen to those who are left behind?
    Most of humanity will remain on the earth. God will pass judgment on non-believers during the tribulation period. Many predict mayhem for those who are left behind, including mass confusion, airplane and car crashes due to missing drivers and pilots, and rampant crime and lawlessness.

    What is the "partial Rapture" theory?
    The belief that certain Christians will rise to meet Christ at the beginning of the tribulation. During the tribulation, there will be other periods of Rapture, when more believers will rise in the air to meet Christ.

    What will happen after the Rapture/tribulation period?
    Christ will begin his thousand-year reign on earth, which will be a time of justice, peace, and joy. When this millennial reign comes to a close, history will end and there will be a "new heaven and a new earth."

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