Who Sin Consequence
Cain Killing his brother Exile and ultra-permanent tattoo (the "mark of Cain")
Lot's Wife Disobedience; rubbernecking at a tragedy Turned into pillar of salt
Pharaoh Enslaving the Israelites Plagues; lost firstborn; minions drowned in sea
Korah, Dathan, Abiram Resisting hierarchy (questioned Moses' authority) Swallowed by the earth when ground cleaved asunder
Philistines Desecrating the sacred; military conquest Plague of mice; killer hemorrhoids
Israel Idolatry and general abominations Conquest by enemies; promise that Jerusalem would be "wiped out as one wipes a dish"
Job None, and there's the rub Tested by Satan with illness, death of family
son of Salu
Along with consort, was skewered with lance marshmallow-style (two victims, one lance)