Are the children of an annulled marriage illegitimate? Is it true that the marriage never really existed? How much does an annulment cost?A priest answers questions about annulments.

Time magazine asks: "Should Annulments Be So Easy?"

The National Catholic Reporter examines "Reopening the Divorce Question."

Beliefnet members discuss annulments:

"My husband refused to sleep with me. Then I discovered the big secret. He was a cross-dresser. The reason for the annulment was listed as 'Denial of Connubial Bliss.'" Read more.

"I seriously considered annulment, but I discovered that the Church in effect was saying that a marriage never existed, and I had five children, which to me said emphatically that it had." Read more.

"The prospect of sitting in a room with a bunch of priests from a religion that I do not agree with and rehashing old wounds is not something that I wish to repeat." Read more.

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