Meat, dairy products, and many other foods are off the menu if you're an Orthodox Christian during Lent. Below are serving suggestions--some bona fide, some tongue-in-cheek--for the fast.

Instead of... ...try
eggs and toast toast
cereal in milk cereal in soy milk
bacon fruit
oatmeal with milk and butter plain oatmeal
Lunch (at home)
ham and cheese sandwich PB&J sandwich
Hot Pockets pita with hummus or falafel
salad with ranch dressing salad with vinagrette
Lunch (out to eat)
cheeseburgerbean burrito with no cheese
chicken sandwichbean burrito with no cheese
fish sandwichbean burrito with no cheese
chicken nuggets & friesfried shrimp & fries
cheese doodlespotato chips
milk chocolatedark chocolate
yogurtapple slices with peanut butter
chips and salsachips and salsa
Dinner (at home)
spaghetti with alfredospaghetti with marinara
beef stewlentil soup
meat chilitvp & bean chili
meat loafsoy loaf (it's vegalicious!)
Dinner (out to eat)
12-oz. steakshrimp lo mein
grilled chickenbean burritos, enchiladas, and lots of chips and salsa
pizzapizza without cheese
veal parmigianagrilled shrimp
loaded baked potatoplain baked potato
chocolate chip cookiehandful of semi-sweet chocolate chips
cheesecake apple pie
lemon meringue pielemons
ice cream toast
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