Killing Seven to Save One
Now is a good time for abortion proponents and opponents to shut up
by Frederica Mathewes-Green

Is the Bible the Word of God?
Marcus Borg explains what's at stake in the Bible wars

Praise the Lord and Pass the Football
The Old Testament existence of a pro football quarterback makes his professions of faith seem more genuine
by James Fallows

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
A wave of post-Columbine revival swells nationwide
by Ken Walker

Ned Flanders, My Hero
Frederica Mathewes-Green talks about why we'd like to be stranded on a desert island with no one else

Creech's Crusade
A minister is defrocked because he believes homosexuals have a place in his church
by Lisa Kennedy

Blessing Withdrawn
A defrocked minister meditates on what it means to serve his church as a lay member
by Jimmy Creech

Let Us Be Impatient With Prejudice
Vermont's next step should be forward for gays and lesbians
by William Sloane Coffin

'God's Great Gift of Love'
Statement by the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont
by The Rt. Rev. Mary Adelia R. McLeod

Jesus Raps with the Brothers on the Hill
'Blessed are the dissed,' and other sayings from the Sermon on the Mount
by P.K. McCary, Interpreter

'If You Don't Diss This Little Child, You Ain't Dissing Me'
A new version of the Gospels for inner-city youth
by P.K. McCary, Interpreter

The Religious Cancer of Racism
White theologians should study racism as seriously as they investigate the historical Jesus
by James H. Cone

How We Imagine God Matters
It's normal to personify God in worship and devotion. But we shouldn't take these personifications literally
by Marcus Borg

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