Excerpted from the Black Bible Chronicles series.

Jesus wanted the brothers to know just what they were getting into. He didn't want no misunderstandings as this thing got underway.

"Look, I want you to do good things, but I don't want you showboating. Ain't nothing happenin' to brothers who do good things for show. It's like this, you know those brothers who call a press conference every time they do somethin' good. Somehow, it gets in the news. It ain't what's happenin'."

"It won't have the same impact when everybody knows what you're doing. Keep a lid on it and I promise you, the Almighty has got eyes in the back of His head. What you do in secret is on the Heavenly news and that's what counts."

"And even when you pray, don't go on stage. Have a little dignity. You know how some folks pray in the church: "Lord, that Sister Smith or Brother Jones sho can pray". Well, that might be true, but remember that the Almighty sees right smack into your heart. If you ain't for real, he'll know it. Better to be yourself and pray something like this:

"Our Father in heaven, Your name is so wonderful. We want Your kingdom right now, but it's gotta be what You want, both here on earth and in heaven. Right now we're asking that You give us that day to day thing that You do so well, nourishing and feeding us, but forgive us for being so sinful. And just like You forgive us, we'll forgive each other `cuz that's what You said. And one more thing, Lord, we ask that You put a hold on those things that tempt us to diss You and do wrong `cuz the devil is on the loose. Deliver us from him. Amen!"

"And the Almighty will forgive you just that quick, but not if you don't forgive your brothers and sisters out there."

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