Excerpted from Rappin' With Jesus in the Black Bible Chronicles series.

"Who is the greatest in heaven?" asked the boys. And Jesus called a little kid over to sit on His lap. He turned to the brothers and answered, You gotta give the Almighty His due and come to Him before you can even get in the front door. You see this kid? You wanna go to heaven? Make yourself like a child and if you don't diss this little child, you ain't dissing me. But if you mess with this kid and cause him to do wrong `cuz of what you do, it would better if they hung a concrete block round your neck and threw you out into the ocean. Don't you understand? You step on My toes and it's worse than death."

"Listen, my brothers. It it's the hand or foot that causes you to step outta line, cut em off You'd have a better chance limping into heaven on the good foot, then not getting in at all. Hell is more than it's cracked up to be."

"If you looking in the wrong direction, go blind and set your heart on Me. It's better going one-eyed or blind than to go to hell."

"Here's a little story I like to tell. You don't want to step on My toes, boys `cuz I've to save folks. If a brother has a hundred sheep and one of them goes off by hisself somewhere, does he leave the ones he's got t go and get that one? Yeah, he does. And I'm telling you he's happier about finding that one who went off and was found than all the others who stayed and were safe. Don't you know that the Almighty doesn't want one to get wasted and no go to heaven?"

"Ya'll need to get straight with one another. If a brother makes you mad, go to him by yourself and tell him what's on your mind. Maybe you work it out and you and your brother are on the one. But if you ain't listening, then get a couple of other brothers to go with you `cuz it is written that the truth will be heard when there are two or three people around. If he still refuses to deal righteous with you, go tell the whole thing to the church. And if that don't work, let him go."

"Like I told you, whatever is held up on earth will be held up in heaven. And whatever is on the one here on earth, will be on the one with My Father. Payback has always been a monster."

"It's like this, if two or three brothers or sisters get together and ask anything, it'll happen for them. The Almighty says so. "Cuz where two or three come together for My name's sake, I'm right there, too!"

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