I have never been the type person to make NewYear's resolutions, but I do try to evaluate the previous year, and makeadjustments so that what lies ahead can flow assmoothly as possible.

Crossing this momentous millennium dateline warrantssetting challenging goals. Whether you useresolutions, promises or prayer, wouldn't it be niceto see some real change occur in your life in thecoming year?

Of this I am certain: it takes great effort, burningdesire and tremendous focus to achieve anythingworthwhile. Psalms 1:3 says that "....whatsoever youdo shall prosper." God blesses what you do--not whatyou wish for, hope for, talk about or merely desire.He watches what you do with your desire. God can tell the intensity of your dreams by observingyour work habits. Have you put work boots on yourpassion? If you have, God says He will help manifestyour dreams.

There is nothing like partnering with the God of theuniverse in your endeavors. As you seek to resolveissues in your life to bring about positive change,consider making God your advisor. When God getsinvolved in a project, He shows up with the wisdom youneed.

In the scriptures, we find that the widow of Zarephath(I Kings 17) had to work to bring about a miraculouschange for herself and her son. Gathering the sticksand preparing the meal for what she thought would beher last supper took effort. The work came first andthen the blessing. It was only after she had fed theProphet Elijah that her unending blessing appeared. Donot prepare a list of goals or utter a prayer forwhich you are not willing to work.

This year, as you make resolutions, apply elbow greaseto your dreams. If you are not interested enough inworking to make your dreams come true, God is notinterested either. Have you ever been assigned a taskwith someone who had no interest in the project?Discouraging, wasn't it? It is the same with God. Makecertain apathy is not the main ingredient flavoringyour prayers and resolutions.

God showed great displeasure with the unprofitableservant for not investing his talent (Matthew25:25-30). The servant hid his talent rather than putit to work. Because the servant did nothing, God hadnothing to bless and nothing to prosper on behalf ofthis man. The other servants, who were given talents,made investments. Remember Psalms l:3: "...whatsoeveryou do will prosper."

What does this saying mean? If you are trying toachieve a goal, you must make a continual effort tobring your desires to pass. You must put legs on yourprayers.

Almost without exception, people have incrediblestories to tell of how the efforts of work changedtheir conditions. Making your desires, goals andwishes a reality involves more than wishful thinkingII Chronicles 15:7 says "Be ye strong therefore andlet not your hands be weak, for your work shall berewarded."

I am not going to tell you what you should want forthe genesis of the 21st Century, but I do caution thatyou should not wish or pray for anything for which youare not going to invest your time, sweat, andtears. If you approach the millennium with rolled up sleevesand a determination not deterred by the sweat of yourbrow or a difficult path; if you step in to the newmillennium prepared to work hard and persevere youwill reap manifold blessings.

Go confidently with God into the 21st Century. Healone knows the brightness of your future.