Sunni-Shi'a Differences
By Imam Sa'dullah Khan
Plus: Conversion, breaking promises, and sonography

A Silent Cry for Justice
A U.N. worker in Iraq.
By Manal Omar

Was Jesus Crucified?
What do Muslims believe about the crucifixion? Plus: Muslims and wealth
By Imam Sa'dullah Khan

Why Do Muslims Fast During the Month of Ramadan?

Questions and Love, Honor, and Obey?
Ask the Imam
What the Qur'an says about a wife obeying her husband.
By Imam Sa'dullah Khan

How Many Muslims Are Extremists?
Is Cleanliness Next to Godliness?
Before eating fruit at a Sufi service, should I break out the moist towelettes?
By Arthur Magida

A Cup of Water in the Desert
A teaching tale to share with your child
Retold by Aaron Zerah

No Blues for Allah
Sufi celebrity A.R. Rahman's new release
A.R. Rahman doesn't sweat the little things--like worldwide fame.
By Lavina Melwani

Peter, Paul and Mary--for Muslims
The folk songs of Dawud Wharnsby-Ali
by Susan Hogan Albach

Ramadan Articles

  • Hakeem Olajuwon: A Ramadan Interview
  • Also, Hakeem Recites His Favorite Passages from the Holy Quran: surah al-Kahf and surah al-Baqara

  • Ramadan: Naked and Vulnerable
    By Kabeer Helminski
  • Moon Unity
    By Jan Ferris Heenan
  • Armoring the Heart
    By Michael Wolfe
  • Ramadan: The Month of the Qur'an

    A Ramadan Diary
    Freshman Sondos Kholaki talks about her Ramadan experience.
  • Preparing for the Holy Month
  • Week 1: Ramadan Resolutions
  • Week 2: Home Sweet Home
  • Week 3: Up All Night
  • Week 4: A Feeding Frenzy

    Ramadan Profiles
    Profiles of Muslims observing the month of Ramadan.
  • An E-Ramadan
  • Ramadan, Yemeni Style
  • Better Than a Thousand Explanations
    Read and excerpt of the book, Better Than a Thousand Nights

    Ramadan E-Card

    Send a Ramadan e-card to friends and family

    Muslims Expected to Become Political Players
    Muslims have stepped up visibility this election year, but their greatest victories right now are still symbolic
    By Rhonda Roumani

    'Apartheid' for Muslim Women?
    Tradition rules where the Qur'an should. By Waheeda Carvello

    Zakat on the Rise
    Zakat, the third of Islam's five pillars, is at the root of Islam's burgeoning mosques, community centers, and schools
    By Monique Parsons

    A Return to Exile
    Being barred from one's homeland may be a defining Muslim experience
    By Samer Badawi

    Will Muslims Turn to George W. Bush?
    With the nomination of an Orthodox Jew to the Democratic ticket, will Muslims turn to the Republican Party? Not necessarily
    By Rhonda Roumani

    Bush's Muslim Support
    Why the Republican presidential candidate has received an important Muslim endorsement.
    By Ira Rifkin
    And: A list of the leading Muslim organizations

    The Muslim Vote Divided
    Is there such a thing as a Muslim bloc vote?
    By Anisa Mehdi

    The Case for an American Muslim Identity
    Barriers to American Muslims' political cohesiveness are largely internal
    By Muqtedar Khan

    Why We Need to Learn More About Islam
    By Secretary of State Madeline Albright

    Demystifying Muslim Justice
    By Aslam Abdullah

    Al Salam Mosque: A Test of Religious Tolerance
    The case of Al-Salam Mosque shows that rank religious prejudice is not far below the surface
    By R. Jonathan Moore

    Depression, a Way to Allah?Is there a spiritual solution for depression? A Muslim perspective
    By Sheikh Kabir Helminski

    The Struggle for My Soul
    When personal crises turned my life upside down, I realized my childhood religion no longer worked. I felt kinship with black Muslims: the color of our skin made us all cargo in a sinking ship, and Islam beckoned like a life preserver.
    By Steven Barboza

    Talking to Strangers
    An American pilgrim sets out to meet different religious groups across the United States. His first stop: A Muslim suq in Eastern Ohio.
    by Tom Levinson

    A Holy City of Islam
    To say Jerusalem is unimportant to Muslims is to ignore Islam's sense of being the culmination of the Abrahamic tradition
    by Rashid Khalidi

    Jesus Through a Muslim Lens
    Many may be surprised to learn that Muslims believe in Jesus' miracles. But this shared interest goes much further
    by Michael Wolfe

    Why the West Loves Fatwas
    Bangladesh didn't quite have a Salman Rushdie. So the press had to invent her.
    by K. Anis Ahmed

    Can Islam and Democracy Coexist in a Country

  • Yes, Islam and Democracy Can Co-exist.
    by Dr. Maher Hathout

  • No, Islam and Democracy are inherently incompatable."
    by Ausuf Ali
  • Farrakhan's Feeble Apology
    Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said his words may have contributed to the murder of Malcolm X, and that he was sorry for what he had done. Malcolm's daughter accepted the apology, but columnist Debra Dickerson says that's not good enough.
    by Debra Dickerson

    Thinking Like the Universe
    How the Sufis integrate the egoic and cosmic levels of reality
    by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

    Nigeria's Volatile Religious Mix
    Christian fanaticism, Islamic fundamentalism, and tribal tensions threaten Nigeria's fragile democracy
    by Christopher McCarus

    The Places We Pray
    Mosque architecture has developed over 14 centuries worldwide, but it's still a novelty in the United States.
    by Dr. Omar Khalidi

    Interfaith Dialogue: Are Islam and Christianity on a Collision Course? Join Seyyed Hossein Nasr and John Esposito as they discuss Muslim-Christian Relations
    Interview by Ejaz Akram

    Muslims, Too, Love the City of Jerusalem
    The city of Jerusalem holds an important place in the history of Islam that cannot be ignored.
    By Gasser Hathout

    The Jamil Al-Amin Who Muslims Know
    While mainstream media concern themselves with his militant past, American Muslims speak of him as a community builder
    By Ishan Bagby

    American Religion in the 21st Century
    Experts say Islam will grow, established churches will decline, and pluralism will dominate the religious marketplace
    By Kenneth A. Briggs

    Virtual Hajj
    Pilgrimage to Mecca
    Narrated by Michael Wolfe

    Real Mecca
    Once a year, pilgrims from across the globe become a single nation. An American joins them.
    By Michael Wolfe

    Destination: Mecca
    Take a trip to Mecca
    By Beliefnet Travel

    Destination Mecca

    The Real Mecca
    Once a year, pilgrims from across the globe become a single nation. An American joins them.
    By Michael Wolfe

    'More of Your Names'
    A Sufi poet meditates on the nature of Allah
    by Jelaluddin Rumi (version by Coleman Barks)

    Embracing Islam: A Search for Meaning
    A woman recounts her voyage and decision to embrace Islam
    By Halima Toure

    A Thin Green Line
    It won't be easy for Louis Farrakhan to move toward orthodox Islam while retaining his Nation of Islam following
    By Arthur J. Magida

    What You Learn Is How You See
    The history books of today's seventh-graders are a far cry from the blinkered ones of the 1950s, where Muslims appeared only as nameless squatters on the Holy Land.
    By Michael Wolfe

    Hope in a Season of Despondence
    Dr. Laila Al-Marayati talks about the state of Muslim affairs and calls on Muslims to gather strength from their own faith

    Olé to Allah: New York's Latino Muslims
    Latino Muslims are drawing on the synergy of two cultures to make their mark in America.
    by Hisham Aidi

    Have Qur'an, Will Travel
    A reciter of holy scriptures wows a dinner party--and testifies to Islam's wondrous way of thriving in every region of the planet.
    By Michael Wolfe

    Armoring the Heart
    My first Ramadan fast taught me self-control and empathy
    By Michael Wolfe

    Scheherazade: Feminist Icon?
    A Fictional Heroine Becomes an Inspiration to Muslim Women
    by Barbara Crossette

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