April 2001

The Crucifixion: What to Tell Kids
A psychologist gives age-by-age advice

Was the Last Supper a Seder?
Q&A with Arthur Magida

March 2001

Theology of the Hammer
Profile of Habitat for Humanity's founder

Woe to You Rich
Jesus and economics. By Marcus Borg

The Bible on Abortion
Scripture Q&A

'Chocolat': A Cheap Shot at Lent?

Eating Alone
By Richard Mouw

Prayer and Laziness
Overcoming inertia during Lent

"My Family Won't Let Me Convert"
Q&A with Pastor Paul

February 2001

  • One man's "moral middle ground"
  • Porn has infiltrated (and ruined) U.S. pop culture

    U2's Bono: Exclusive Interview

    What Should a Church Look Like?

    Living the Psalms
    By Cynthia Bourgeault

    Whatever Happened to Blue Laws?

    The Next Pope
    By Ralph McInerny

    Polygamy: Two Views

    Prayers & Profits
    Starting the workday with Bible study

    Pedophilia Chic
  • Chuck Colson's article
  • A Beliefnet member responds

    Window Into Heaven
    A pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland

    Left Behind: The Movie

    Should I Feel Grateful During Tough Times?
    By Brother David Steindl-Rast

    Jesus: God in Human Form
    Where is this in the Bible? Q&A with Ben Witherington III

    Can Creed Make It in Christian Rock?

  • John Shelby Spong on Ashcroft
  • Richard Mouw on Bush as 'nurturing politician'

    Think Enya With a Christian Gloss
    An interview with Grammy-nominated Maire Brennen

    Christian Decorating

    Whitebread Protestants
    Two books about food and faith

    The Next Irish Catholics

    Let Women Preach
    A Pentecostal defense

    Is Rote All Right?
    Stock phrases in prayers

    Homeschool's Cool
    Teens interview teens

    January 2001

    Are U.S. Christians Persecuted? Andy Griffith Bible Study Chanting the Psalms: Lesson 7 Pentecostalism's Racial DivideBy T.D. Jakes The Gospel of Thomas Gospel for our time, or Jesus Lite? What Great Christians Teach Us
    An interview with Lorraine Kisly, author of "Ordinary Graces"

    The Catholic Abortion Paradox
    By Alissa Rubin

  • What It Means
    By Ben Witherington III
  • Audio: Epiphany Carol
    Listen to a Thomas Merton poem

    New Year's

    Millennium, Shmillennium
    The apocalyptic craze that fizzled
    By Monique Parsons

    Jesse Jackson's Journey Back

    December 2000

    Michael Jackson: My Childhood, My Sabbath

    The Top Religion Stories of 2000

    Best Christian Books of 2000


    Interactive Advent Calendar

    All Christmas Features
    Including music, quizzes, articles, inspiration, and activities

    My Childhood, My Sabbath
    By Michael Jackson

    November 2000

    Christian Mysticism

    Why We Can't Clone Jesus

    October 2000

    Special Halloween Section
    Articles, recipes, links, and a "religious candy" taste test.

  • Making Real Decisions About Halloween
    By Richard Mouw
  • Banning Halloween?
    The October bacchanalia turns into a religious issue for the nation's public schools
    By Deborah Caldwell

    Jerry Falwell With Perfume
    John Stott is England's best-known Christian evangelical. But is this Anglican leader anything more than a fundamentalist in sheep's clothing?
    By John Shelby Spong

    Sabbath Chic
    People of many faiths are finding the up side to down time
    By Monique Parsons

    The Errant Evangelical
    A presidential counselor in the line of fire
    By Tony Campolo

    Virtual Church Tours

  • Al Gore Jr.'s Church: New Salem Missionary Baptist
  • George W. Bush's Church: Highland Park United Methodist
  • Onward, Christian Produce
    VeggieTales overcomes the challenges of crisper drawer Christianity
    By Carla Barnhill

    The Bold and the Biblical
    What do some romance novels have in common with Scripture? Both celebrate feminine wisdom
    By Deborah Belonick

    More on Christian romance novels:

  • Sacred vs. Secular Smoochies
  • Facing a Cougar? God Can Help
  • Different Gifts, Same Spirit
    Women can still serve the church, even if they are not called to be pastors
    By Richard Land

    Is it Right to Proselytize?
    It's OK to proselytize, but there are times when it's kinder to refrain
    By Frederica Mathewes-Green

    Not So Wild About Harry
    Why some Christians reject Potter author J.K. Rowling and all her works
    By Richard Mouw

    The Ancient Egypt You Never Knew
    Recent archaeological finds paint a vastly different portrait of Ancient Egypt than the one offered in Exodus
    By Amy Dockser Marcus

    The Search for Jesus
    Special feature section on the search for the historical Jesus, with sections on Jesus' birth, daily life, appearance, miracles, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection
    Includes these articles:

  • A Historical Jesus Primer by Ira Rifkin
  • The Accuracy of the New Testament By Richard Land
  • How to Really Know Jesus By Frederica Mathewes-Green
  • Resurrection Rebel By Paul Raushenbush
  • Quiz: How do you approach the Bible?
  • A Jewish Look at Jesus By Rabbi David Wolpe
  • A Christian Responds to the Jewish View of Jesus By Richard Mouw
  • An Islamic View of Jesus By Michael Wolfe
  • Comparing Buddha and Jesus By Thich Nhat Hanh
  • The Miracle of Parables, The Parables of Miracles By Ben Witherington
  • Ask the Scholars
    Jesus scholars respond to users' questions

    Interview with Peter Jennings
    The anchor discusses jesus, religion--and his own faith. Includes seclected audio clips from the interview

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