What Does "Mindfulness" Really Mean?
Sharon Salzberg gives the basics
Plus: Clark Strand on why it's easier said than done

Mantra Mix
A new Tibet benefit CD packs dharma, disco, and a whole lot of information
By Mary Talbot

Happy Enlightenment Day!
What Is Rohatsu?
By Shodo Harada Roshi
A Killer Rohatsu Retreat
By Charles Young
Plus: Teachers remember their teachers

Test Your Enlightenment IQ

Be Grateful to Everyone
Learning from the people who really bug us
By Pema Chodron

Make Loving-kindness, Not Anger
Lama Surya Das on transforming rage

Why we should use right speech
By Mirka Knaster

Dharma Scribe
An Australian former doctor named Nick Ribush may be the reason you're a Buddhist
By Lawrence Pintak

Buddha In the City
A review of Jeff Wilson's "The Buddhist Guide to New York"
By Ayun Halliday

What Price Dharma?
  • Robert Beatty on the practice of dana
  • Monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu on the role of the alms bowl
  • Zen master John Daido Loori on retreats and heating bills

    An interview with Khandro Rinpoche
    By Lawrence Pintak

    Suffering Zen
    What one woman's struggle with depression taught her about practice
    By Susan Moon

    Buddha In the Fridge
    Practice with large rodents
    By Barbara Gates

    A Meeting of Buddhist Minds
    A conference of Western Buddhists and the Dalai Lama looks at dharma questions in the New World
    By Mary Talbot

    The Buddhist-Canine Dialogue
    By Rodger Kamenetz

    I Was a Teenage Buddhist Nun
    An interview with Kunga Yeshe at Gampo Abbey

    Bowing to the Buddha Within
    More than a gesture, a bow is an act of veneration--to ourselves and the universe.
    by Lama Surya Das

    The Saints of the Dharma
    They're not canonized, but Buddhism's got plenty of saints and miracle-workers
    by Lama Surya Das

    My Son, the Dalai Lama
    An excerpt from the autobiography of the Dalai Lama's mother
    by Diki Tsering

    Tradition Is Our Backbone
    An interview with Khedroob Thondup, nephew of the Dalai Lama, on roots, exile, and frying eggs for his uncle
    by Mary Talbot

    Truth and Consequences
    What is karma, really?
    by Lama Surya Das

    A Lama Spreads His Wings
    After his perilous escape from Tibet, the young Karmapa lama assumes his place in an 800-year-old lineage
    by Ngwang Ozer

    Anger in the "I" of the Beholder
    What makes our columnist really mad? His own mind.
    by Dinty W. Moore

    Facing up to your anger as part of spiritual growth.
    by Darlene Cohen

    Hitting Your Head With a Hammer: A Tibetan teacher's foolproof way to diffuse anger
    by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche