Every number and every letter emit a unique vibration and carries a specific meaning.

On the day you were born you activated a magnificent number’s code - the blueprint of your soul. Your birthday and birth-name describe your special gifts, life purpose and destiny. In fact, your birth code also activated a specific timeline describing the nature of your present and future personal cycles - a powerful road map of your life.

Knowing your birth code and how to apply it will help you navigate your life with ease and inspire you to manifest your true soul destiny.

When you align with your birth promise, you naturally attract abundance and true fulfillment. You are also freed from pursuing expectations placed on you by others. Whether you accepted these expectations as your own or not, whether they were imposed on you consciously or unconsciously does not matter – what will set you free is getting to know the true you through your soul birth code.

Knowing yourself allows you to create your own reality – a reality based purely on your alignment with source, rather than on unconscious motivations derived from outside influence.

One important expression of your birth code is your day of birth, such as the 7th, 15th or 23rd of any month. This number reveals so much about your innate gifts, personality and natural instincts towards love, your best career environment and manifesting financial flow. In fact, you can use the following day of birth number descriptions to get a read on anyone, even if you don’t know their age!

Let’s dive into the positive and shadow tendencies for every day of birth number.

If You Are Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th

You are a natural and authentic leader, an original thinker, accomplished, active, energetic, work best independently, have unique ideas and approaches, strong willed, innovative, determined, courageous, creative, have definite views, enjoy time alone and privacy.

Guard against being self centered, aggressive, stubborn, having a lack of initiative, indecisive, proud, lazy and feeling self conscious.

If You Are Born on the 2nd, 11,th, 20th or 29th

You are a peace-maker, diplomat, imaginative, inventive, highly sensitive, healing, have a well-developed intuition, are helpful, supportive, kind, romantic, psychic (though you may keep that private), have an eye for detail, patient, cooperative, quiet, loving.

Guard against being careless, meddling, feeling insecure, timid, confused, over-emotional, easily hurt and moody.

If You Are Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th

You are expressive, artistic, independent, uplifting, fun, optimistic, enthusiastic, want freedom in movement, speech and writing, enjoy travelling, are witty, highly creative, a lover of truth, can spot a lie easily, your smile lights up the room.

Guard against doubting yourself and scattering your energy, worrying, having a lack of focus, not working, jealousy, exaggeration and moodiness.

If You Are Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st

You are an enigma to others (and even yourself), dependable, honest, practical, organized, disciplined, grounded, productive, loyal, patient, devoted to family and home, trustworthy, not afraid of work, make your own rules, have unique ideas, are curious, don’t believe anything is impossible, have the gift of prophecy, enjoy an unconventional life-style.

Guard against lacking in humor, resisting anything new, being narrow-minded, stubborn, intolerant, impatient, argumentative, too serious and lacking in sensitivity.

If You Are Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd

You are a seeker of freedom, adaptable, charming, multi-task, are witty, adventurous, resilient, fearless, have a great intellect, you like change and movement, enjoy travel, are a good salesperson, versatile, and have an active mind.

Guard against impatience, restlessness, a fear of change, not taking responsibility, being thoughtless, impulsive, careless, indecisive, a procrastinator, and taking risks that are reckless.

If You Are Born on the 6th, 15th or 24th

You are a nurturer, artistic, responsible, loving, creative, romantic, with a magical, magnetic presence, healing, dedicated to your family and friends, devoted, love art and music, love beauty and tasteful surroundings, crave harmony, enjoy luxury and the finer things in life and love to be of service.

Guard against avoiding conflict, co-dependency, being emotionally controlling, easily upset, bossy, interfering, expecting too much in others and then being disappointed in them.

If You Are Born on the 7th, 16th or 25th

You are spiritual or scientific, sensitive, dignified, seek solutions, wise, quiet, private, analytical, have a refined mind, are knowledge-driven, a truth-seeker, work best alone, mysterious, don’t follow the beaten path, logical, love to read, have unique beliefs about religion and politics, are interested in mystical or rare subjects and mysteries of the universe, a nature lover.

Guard against skepticism, isolating yourself, living in the past, being severely critical, aloof, cold, confused, either say nothing or don’t stop talking, secretive, sly, emotionally repressed.

If You Are Born on the 8th, 17th or 26th

You are efficient, determined, abundant, a leader, ambitious, athletic, healthy, have good judgment, powerful, influential, a visionary, reserved, responsible, strong, use time wisely, disciplined, and excel at activities requiring dedication, patience and intelligent deduction.

Guard against being materialistic, controlling, careless about money, intolerant, living in the past, scheming, abuse of power, having a disregard for others, thoughtless, egotistical, and having a bad temper.

If You Are Born on the 9th, 18th or 27th

You are compassionate, wise, influential, artistic, magnetic, humanitarian, unconditionally loving, courageous, trusting, can penetrate to the heart of a situation, generous, creative, charitable, idealistic, romantic, want to make a difference in the world, set an example to others, magnetic, empathetic.

Guard against not listening, being a perfectionist (yourself and holding others to standards of perfection), indifferent, resentful, cautious, gullible, over-emotional, tense, aimless, depressed, easily used by others.

Every person is wired differently. Just like every snowflake carries a unique imprint, so does every human being, every soul. Your day of birth vibration is the first step towards understanding how you are uniquely designed to experience, explore and manifest your divine mission. Everyone has an independent way of expressing their innate way of creating joy!

By taking ownership of the divine gifts revealed in your birth code, you start making conscious choices that elevate your vibration higher and higher. Awareness of your code comes first. Action corresponding to your code follows.

Consistent positive breakthroughs automatically appear when you celebrate who you truly are every day, when you consistently set clear intentions that are for your highest good and when your goals are in alignment with your soul purpose in this lifetime.

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