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Whether you like snoozing on your back, your side, or stomach, your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your personality. You spend about one-third of your life asleep so it makes sense that your preferred sleep style can reveal insights into your waking personality. Our minds and bodies have always been connected on a deep level.

Researchers, psychologists and sleep scientists alike have been studying the most common sleep patterns to get an inside scoop about what they mean. Here are some of the most common positions and what they might mean for you.

The Fetal Position

Do you love to sleep like a baby? This is a very natural position for most, and is the most common sleeping arrangement. It’s easy to see why, because curling up after a long day sounds pretty comfortable. Those who sleep this way are typically easy to understand and get along with. They may be a bit on the sensitive side, and have a desire to be protected and sympathized with. They tend to be shy but warm people, who are drawn to organization, order and comfort.

Soldier Position

The soldier position is when someone sleeps on their back with their arms at their sides. These people are well-adjusted, hold themselves to a higher standard, and have strict moral codes. They tend to be more quiet and reserved, but they know who they are and don’t fluctuate on that. They also hold high expectations of others, which can sometimes come off as insensitive. However the soldier sleeper only wants to see everyone reach their best potential.

On Your Stomach

Those who sleep on their stomach are fearless, and don’t stress too much over the world around them. They are leaders that naturally take initiative, though they can sometimes be impulsive. They are likely to be organized planners, which helps them to be responsible and achieve their goals more easily. However the stomach sleeper can sometimes be a bit aggressive. They do not like to be criticized.

Log Position

If you sleep like a log, or lying on your side with your arms at your side, then you are an easy-going, social and relatively friendly person. You are trusting of strangers and make others feel comfortable. That being said, they generally are also a bit gullible and are open to being taken advantage of. This is a stark contrast from the position itself, that is pretty stiff and boring.

The Starfish

Another position that looks just the way it sounds: starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree. Another name you may be familiar with to describe it would be “spread-eagle“. If you’re one to stretch out like this, chances are you’re a great friend. Starfish sleepers are always eager to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need. They don’t necessarily like being the center of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there from time to time.

The Thinker

Sleeping on your side with one hand under your chin so it looks like you're lost in contemplative thought is known as the thinker sleep position, and it signals that you might be somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. Thinkers can go quickly swing from one emotion to the next, which keeps those around them on their toes. They are sensitive and need to be surrounded by people that are patient and understanding.

Heron Position

If you generally flop into bed with your arms and legs akimbo like a clumsy bird, you're a heron sleeper. Heron sleepers are moody, unpredictable, and have a hard time making decisions. They are often drawn to all kinds of adventures, but their mood can change so fast it can be confusing for those around them. However they have a preference for stability, peace and quiet, and thoroughness.

And if you sleep in different poses rather than one, then that is a sign that you have a multifaceted personality which has hidden depths not even you yourself fully comprehend yet. Just like you vary in how you might sleep, your personality grows and changes too. Does your sleeping position accurately reflect who you are?

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