Rachel and Ross

Rachel and Ross "we were on a break" line continued throughout the entirety of the Friends series. No matter who they were dating, they just didn't fit together as perfectly as Rachel and Ross did. Spoiler alert, in case you're living under a rock somewhere, they get back together.

Burke and Yang

How heart breaking is it to be left on your wedding day? And then on top of it all, the man you thought you were spending the rest of you life just disappears. Yang is broken and reveals her vulnerable side when Burke leaves her. In a moment of pure sadness, Yang only has Grey to hold her tight and be there when the world seems so empty and lost.

Carrie and Aiden

The break ups with Big didn't sting as much because you knew that he was always lurking around the corner and ready to swoop in. But with Aiden, he was the good guy - perfect in every way possible. Well that was until, Carrie didn't want to marry to him.

Pacey and Joey

We all secretly wanted Pacey and Joey to be together because Dawson and Joey would always be just friends. Then Pacey had a 'man crisis' and broke things off with Joey, before she left for college, because he didn't believe he was good enough for her.

Cory and Topanga

Yea, yea, yea we all know that the dynamic duo eventually get married but when they broke up there is no way you didn't ball your little eyes out. They realize later how big of a mistake it was to call it quits but for that episode you can't deny that your heart broke a little.

Rory and Dean

How mad were you when Rory and Dean split? Dean was perfect and would give anything to make Rory happy but then there was Jess. The straight and narrow path was no more once Rory and Dean broke up.

Winnie and Kevin

Young love at it's best was Winnie and Kevin. When Winnie breaks up with Kevin you can't help but feel terrible for him. He is floored and cannot believe that Winnie met someone else. Kevin always had big plans for himself and Winnie - they were going to be together forever.

Buffy and Angel

Well deep down, we all knew it would never work out - right? A human and a vampire, it could never be true love - could it? When Buffy and Angel broke up everyone was heart broken that they couldn't figure it out. But, in the end Angel did what he thought was best for Buffy's future.

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