Rosie vs. Elisabeth

Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have a heated discussion about the war and a statement that O'Donnell made.

Barbara Walters Announces Retirement

Barbara Walters makes the official announcement about her retirement.

Elisabeth Hasslebeck Announces Departure

Elisabeth Hasslebeck makes the official announcement that she is leaving the view to join Fox and Friends.

Interview with Rielle Hunter

The entire view team interview Rielle Hunter and do not leave any subjects unaddressed.

Joy Behar's Departure

Joy Behar decides to leave The View.

Whoopi and Joy Walk Off

Bill O'Reilly shares his controversial opinion about 9/11 with The View - sending Whoopi Golderg and Joy Behar into a whirlwind, that resulted in two walking off the segment.

Star Jones Leaves The View

Star Jones decides to announce her departure from The View. Barbara Walters later made a statement that Jones' contract was not being renewed and no one had discussed her making the departure announcement on the show.

Jenny McCarthy Joins The View

Barbara Walters makes the official announcement that funny girl Jenny McCarthy will join The View in the 17th season.

'Flags of Our Fathers'
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