Bill Moyers
Watch clips from "Moyers on America: Is God Green?":

 Richard Cizik:
"God is eternal, but not the air we breath."

 E. Calvin Beisner:
"Does the Bible say anything about global warming?"

About the Program
In "Is God Green?"--airing October 11 at 9 pm on PBS--Bill Moyers looks at evangelicals' growing concern for saving the environment, debates within conservative Christian communities about environmentalism, and how Christian attitudes about the environment are informed by faith.

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Moyers & the Environment
Environmental Armageddon
In a December 2004 speech, Bill Moyers said that evangelical officials with end-times beliefs care more about the Rapture index than the fouling of the environment.

Welcome to Doomsday
Building off his 2004 speech, Moyers wrote this essay, in which he says: If you care about the fate of the planet, start worrying about fundamentalists eagerly awaiting the end of the world.

Jesus is Green
Moyers got it wrong, argues the Rev. Jim Ball: Evangelical Christians know that caring for God's creation is a scriptural imperative.

From the Archives: More Moyers
Faith & Reason
Video clips and an interview with Moyers about his seven-part series from Summer 2006, in which prominent writers talk about their beliefs.

On Our Own Terms
Beliefnet's coverage of Moyers' 2000 series on death and dying in America.

On Their Own Terms
A talk with Bill and Judith Moyers about the series.
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